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BBQ Classes

To promote the culture of BBQ, Friendly Fires hosts annual BBQ cooking classes. Most BBQ events occur Saturday mornings throughout the Summer. They’re a great social gathering and are a fun way to learn about BBQing.  Classes are hosted by local chefs, restaurateurs and butcher shops.  Our 2017 BBQ Schedule will be posted in March (contact us to ensure you are added to our email blast).

BBQ Competitions

Thank you to everyone who participated to our BBQ Competitions.  We had a record number of contestants and attendees.  Our BBQ competitions are for any ‘backyard hero’ and offer a great day of fun, cooking, and BBQing of course.  2017 BBQ Competition Dates to be posted soon (contact us to be added to our email blasts).

Unsure about registering?  Check out the video: 2014 Kingston BBQ Competition Video


Your ‘Custom’ BBQ Class

Friendly Fires’ facilities and BBQ experts are available to host and organize a BBQ Class for your team (service club, company, social group…).  Contact us for details.


Previous Events

2016 Kawartha BBQ Competition & BBQ Classes


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2016 Kingston BBQ Competition and BBQ Classes


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2015 Kawartha & Kingston BBQ Competitions


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2015 Kingston BBQ Classes

Dianes Fish Bar Salmon 1
Atomica BBQ Pizza Healthy
Harpers BBQ Burger 4

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2015 Peterborough BBQ Classes

Primal Cuts BBQ Class 8
Muddys 6
Brian Henry 4

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2014 Kawartha BBQ Competition

2014 BBQ Competition.

Final 2
A Beautiful Thing
2014 Ptbo BBQ Comp - 28

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2014 Kingston BBQ Competition

2014 BBQ Competition.

Black Olive Grlling
Team FF Black Olive
2014 Ptbo BBQ Comp - 14

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2013 Kawartha BBQ Competition

The annual Kawartha BBQ Competition was held on July 27th.  With dozens of entries and hundreds of visitors, the event was the largest in our history.  The band and celebrity judges helped make the event a total success.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

2013 Ptbo Rib Comp - 062
2013 Ptbo Rib Comp - 035
2013 Ptbo Rib Comp - 043

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2013 Kingston BBQ Competition

The first ever BBQ competition was held in Kingston on July 20th.  It was our first BBQ Competition in Kingston and was also well attended.  We look forward to learning from our first year, and making our 2014 Competition even better.

Kingston BBQ Winner
Kingston BBQ Rodney
Kingston BBQ 15

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2012 Kawartha BBQ Competition

In 2012, Friendly Fires hosted the first ever Kawartha BBQ Competition. Teams from all over participated and cooked their best ribs. The BBQ food was judged by Dean Del Mastro, Ken Jackman, Mike Judson, Shari Darling as well as Chef Brian Henry. The winner received a brand new Saffire Kamado Charcoal BBQ – courtesy of Friendly Fires.

Rib Preparation 3
BBQ Rib Prep 3
Team Saffire

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2012 BBQ Classes

Some of the topics we covered included: BBQ Safety Check & Cleaning, Napoleaon BBQs, Steaks, Burgers, BBQing by women for women, Steaks, Charcoal Cooking, Intro to BBQing, Smoking & Planking, Primo Charcoal Demo Team, BBQ Contest, Beer Can Checken 4 ways, Cook and entire meal on a BBQ


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2011 BBQ Classes

Topics covered: Big Green Egg, Burgers by Brad, QA Cow – Chef Henry, QA Pig – Chef Henry, Burgers by Brad – 2, QA Fish – Chef Henry, Broil King Demo


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2010 BBQ Classes

Topics covered: BBQ Maintenance, BBQ Accessories, Basics of BBQ, Big Green Egg, BBQ for Women, Beer Butt Chicken, Mexican, Kawartha Choice, Indian, Steaks, Smoking & Planking, Ribs, Sausages


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2009 BBQ Classes

Topics covered: BBQ Maintenance, Napoleon BBQ, Basics of BBQ, Big Green Egg, Greek on the Grill, Planking & Smoking, Great Steaks


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