Modern (heater)

Modern Flame CLX100 Linear LED Electric Fireplace 100
Modern Flame Electric Fireplace CLX144 Room SettingModern Flame Electric Fireplace AL60clx BModern Flame Electric Fireplace AL60clx Room SettingModern Flame Electric Fireplace AL100clx Room SettingModern Flame Electric Fireplace AL100clx Room Setting bModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace glacier-crystal-blueModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace glacier-crystal-orangeModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace polished-beach-stonesModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace absolute-blackModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace grey-limestoneModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace emperador-darkModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace honey-travertineModern Flame Elecrtic Fireplace stainless-steelModern Flame Electric FIreplace AL40clx Room SettingModern Flame Electric FIreplace AL40clx BModern Flame Electric Fireplace AL60clx AModern Flames Electric Fireplace CLX80_coalsModern Flame Electric Fireplace AL100clx AModern Flames Electric Fireplace CLX144

Product Description

The Modern Flame CLX series of linear fireplaces provide the perfect accent to any room.  These beautiful linear fireplaces are more expensive than those at the big box stores – but they are also higher quality.

Differentiating Modern Flame CLX Features

  • Recessed (2″ x 4″ wall) or wall mount installation
  • Integrated LED lights for realistic flame effects (low energy and long lasting)
  • Can operate the flame with or without heat
  • Can operate heat with or without flame
  • Incredible decorative surrounds in marble and other materials (not available in all sizes)
  • Variable heat control

Electric Fireplace Standard Features

  • Interchangeable module for easy customization
  • Optional coal-look media bed
  • Low energy LED flame technology
  • Unsurpassed realistic flame patter
  • Hi-tech touch screen controls
  • Sleek remote control
  • Variable 120 Volt – 1500 watt/ 5000 BTU heater
  • Do it yourself installation instructions

The Modern Flames CLX Series is available in 40″; 60″; 80″, 100″, and their new 144″ electric fireplace.



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