Valor Lift

Valor Lift Propane Stove Coal Burn 2
Valor Lift Gas Stove Coal Up CloseValor Lift Gas Stove CoalValor Lift Propane Stove Coal Burn 2Valor Lift Propane Stove Coal Burn 3Valor Lift Propane Stove Coal BurnValor Lift Propane Stove Log Ember FireValor Lift Propane Stove Realistic Log FireValor Lift Propane Stove Rear VentValor Lift Propane Stove Soapstone Top

Product Description

Showcasing concrete, casting and steel finishes of the finest quality, the Lift combines Valor radiant heat with contemporary design. Available in both river rock and log fire beds, the Lift is part of the proven Portrait Series engine. Freestanding in design, an optional lower concrete panel is available if you prefer a solid base.


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