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Pellet Stove Auger Assembly

This video shows an example on how to remove a capacitor as well as a pellet stove auger motor.

Pellet Stove Agitator Motor Removal

This video shows how to remove the agitator motor of an Enviro M55 pellet stove (pellet stove agitator motor removal).

Pellet Stove Agitator Motor Re-Assembly

This video shows how to replace an agitator motor on a pellet stove (Enviro M55 pellet stove agitator motor replacement). Not all pellet stoves have agitator motors – check your manual to see if this video applies to your stove.

Pellet Stove Auger Replacement

This video shows how to replace a pellet stove auger motor (pellet stove auger replacement). In this video, an Enviro M55 was used.

Pellet Stove Convection Fan (Pellet Stove Hot Air Fan)

Pellet stoves require regular maintenance. Replacing a pellet stove convection fan is a normal process for pellet appliances. This video shows how a fan is replaced on an Enviro M55 Pellet Stove.

Pellet Stove Flame (Pellet Stove Proper Flame)

Looking at the flame of a pellet stove (pellet stove flame) can be an early indication as to whether or not your pellet appliance is operating properly. This video shows what a good pellet flame should look like.

Stacking Firewood (for dry wood)

If your wood is not stacked this way in your yard for 2 years, there are strong chances that your stove is not heating enough, has dirty glass, and /or is not performing as well as it could be.

Efficient Wood Stove vs. Old Wood Stove

Is there a difference between newer efficient wood stoves and older ones? Take a look at this video.

Maximizing Wood Heat

There are actually things you can do to improve wood heat and efficiency from your wood appliance.

Wood Burning Help

This video shows proper wood burning techniques.  Everyone knows how to burn wood properly because we have been doing it for so many years. Or do we?