Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you install products that you sell?
Yes! We employ full-time certified installers that install all products that we sell.

2. Do you service what you sell?
Yes! We have full-time service technicians that service what we sell.

3. Do you service what you don’t sell?
Yes! Our full-time technicians will service products that we do not sell. However, customers who
purchase products from Friendly Fires may get priority if there is an emergency call.

4. Why should we purchase from Friendly Fires?
At Friendly Fires, we aim to differentiate ourselves from other retailers by offering the following
unique features:

  • Product Quality: We only sell products that meet the highest quality standards. Because of
    our size and volume, we are able to choose and represent the best manufacturers.
  • Our Frequent Flame Customer Club: Once you purchase an appliance here, all repeat
    purchases are discounted (including service).
  • Best Materials: When you hire Friendly Fires to install your product, we will only choose the
    best available materials on the market. For example, when we install a stove or fireplace,
    our venting has a stainless steel inner liner (most other companies use aluminium because
    it is cheaper).
  • Full Time Certified Installers: Friendly Fires uses full-time certified employees for its product
    installations instead of sub-contractors.
  • Non-Biased Opinion: Because Friendly Fires is one of the largest hearth retailers in Canada,
    we have access to almost any manufacturer’s product.
  • Exclusive Product Lines: Many of the leading manufacturers exclusively display and sell
    their product lines through Friendly Fires. You won’t find them anywhere else.
  • See Before Buying: Our 6,000 square foot showroom has over 125 units on display.
  • Our Service Department: We have a full-time service department that services units that
    we sell. A strong benefit of purchasing from Friendly Fires is that our customers receive top
    priority for urgent service calls.
  • Experience: Our large showroom is heated by our stoves and fireplaces, our 4,000 square
    foot warehouse is heated by a pellet stove and a Blaze King wood stove, and most of our
    employees heat their homes with pellet or wood stoves.
  • Guaranteed Installation: Our installers use large cube vans that often have spare parts.
    Should something unexpected occur during an installation, we often have it on-site
    ensuring your installation is done within one day.

5. I purchased my product elsewhere, will your full-time installers install it for us?
Not usually, but sometimes during the off-season. Installing a product that was purchased
elsewhere is often a challenge, because we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the components.
We do not know if there are pieces missing, and warranty must often be done through the
original retail store. In addition, repeat visits are often required incurring additional costs for the
home owner.

6. We received a cheaper price for a comparable product somewhere else. Will you
price match?
Yes! We have a price match guarantee for any equivalent product or service from a competing

7. How long does a standard installation take?
Many items influence the time required to install a unit. On average, a typical installation will take
half a day to a full day.

8. We recently purchased from Friendly Fires and are expecting an installation
shortly. What are the things we should be aware of before the install?
Ideally, we require:

  • The base that the stove or fireplace will be installed on
  • A completed roof (walls, doors, etc….)
  • Accessible area for our employees to work in
  • Electricity to the unit (preferably)

Pre-framing before a fireplace is installed is not recommended.

In addition, we highly recommend that someone knowledgeable be present during (or at least at
the start) of the installation process as there are often last-minute decisions that need to be
made or confirmed.

9. I saw a fireplace at another store or in a catalogue that I did not see in your
showroom but I would like to deal with Friendly Fires, can you order and install
it for me?
Yes – Friendly Fires can custom order and install almost any brand of stove or fireplace as long as
we are an authorized retailer for that product (we represent over 1,000 different brands).

10. Do you provide financing?
Yes! We provide a full range of financing options, including deferred & monthly payments. When
an economical fuel source is chosen (such as wood or pellet), the fuel savings alone will often
pay a majority of the payments.

Click here for more information on our financing options.

11) We are not in your service area, will you sell us a stove or fireplace?
Unfortunately not – since we service what we sell. Hopefully, there are some high-quality local
retailers that you can visit to purchase the same product.