Our Pets



Olive is a Portuguese Water Dog named after our popular selling “Black Olive” Charcoal Smoker.  She loves the water, kids, other dogs, nature walks and of course our customers!  When she is not on long hikes with the owners, she can be found curled up on the floor in one of our offices in Peterborough.  When you see her, she will steal your heart.


Scooter lives in Norwood with Amy & Sandy.  Although Scooter is originally from Belleville, he is loving the country living.

Max & Zoe

Max & Zoe are Bobby Orr’s prize possessions. We are not 100% sure, but Bobby seems to believe that they will stay this small forever…… Let’s wait a few years.

Hayley’s Cats

Nico : 12 year old Siamese has been with us since she was 8 weeks old…loves people..other cats, not so much ! Jaffa: 8 year old Casanova..loves everyone..a huge flirt.  Was mauled by a coyote and has a $1000 leg! Leader of the pack… Chloe: not sure how old Chloe is but definitely a senior lady. Just turned up one day.. abused, multiple broken bones. Been with us for 5 years…lady of the manor! Jett: rescued by our son. He found her looking for food. She was emaciated and dehydrated. Very gentle…  Bramble: our resident mooch! She is a 1 year old. Her mum Lily is a feral cat. Still full of nonsense..more outgoing than her brother. Bracken: twin brother of Bramble: our shy guy! He is a gentle giant who is afraid of his own shadow. He likes to hide except when chance of treats.  Milo: has only been with us for 2 weeks! He is twin of Jack and younger sibling of Bramble and Bracken. Very outgoing..doesn’t wait for an invitation. 9 weeks old. Simon: was dumped from a car. He is about 12 weeks old. A sweet natured little guy. Full of beans..wherever there is chaos Simon is never far away! Jack : twin of Milo and runt of the litter. A miniature of older brother Bracken both in nature and appearance. At 9 weeks he is about the size of a 5 week old kitten. Loves to play with his fuzzy siblings…


Hi my name is Izzy, I am half Pug and all attitude.  I am three and a half years old and I will listen to you if you have food.  I will not protect you but you will know if there is trouble because I will run to my bed and shake.  My sister Roxy is very brave and so am I if I am standing behind her.  I bark allot and sound big and scary (but I’m not).



Hi, my name is Roxy. I am a four and a half year old Boglen Terrier (half beagle and half Boston Terrier). I am the leader of our pack and the protector of our property. I am super friendly, smart and really athletic. I love to run in the woods, swim and fetch sticks. I will do many tricks and love to cuddle. Did you say squirrel? Were is the squirrel?!! Oh by the way, I bark like a Beagle and sound big and scary (but I’m not).

A picture of Lenny


He only visits us from time to time, but it is always a treat when he is here. Lenny is always happy, when you see him, call his name and watch his tail wag.

Harriet the Hedgehog

Harriet the Hedgehog is one of the more interesting pets at Friendly Fires.   She loves to burrow and disappear into the coziest of spots in her cage.  She is litter-box trained (that was not easy), loves to run on her wheel, and loves little sesame seeds.  A native of Oshawa, Harriet now calls Peterborough her home.  In the summer she enjoys running around on the grass, digging in the garden, and when you are not looking – making a mad dash for freedom.