BBQ Season is Here

What a great feeling when snow begins to melt and our grills surface from all the snow (except for those die-hard BBQers that BBQ all year of course).  This is such a fun time of year.  Butchers are busier selling BBQ foods…. Big Box Stores really start pushing their outdoor (foreign built & supported) products….  and we begin looking at our yards planning the summer season.

Personally – this is my favourite time of year.  No snow.  No lawn cutting.  No extreme cold or heat.  Great BBQ weather.

Early BBQ trends: this is going to be a strong season and charcoal looks to increase again in popularity this year.  Funny how charcoal has come full-circle.  Many of us remember our parents ‘hibachi’ during weekend picnics… the taste of lighter fluid… the mess of ash…..  Today’s charcoal grills are ‘slightly’ different – but I can’t help but wonder if these same type of memories are being created in my children’s minds?

What are my memories?  I’m fairly certain the ‘BBQ’ picture in this post was what my father used to cook on.  This probably explains the hockey pucks that were called hamburgers.  I’m wondering if I’m creating these same type of memories for my children?

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