Bristle Free BBQ Brush

There’s been much talk in the news lately on the safety of bristle BBQ brushes.  According to many news sources (and Doctors), there’s been an increase in reported cases where the metal bristle of a BBQ brush has gotten lodged in a person’s throat.

Yuck.  Scary.

While this is very serious – its important to note that not all BBQ brushes are the same.  The big box stores (dollar stores, grocery stores…) sell BBQ brushes made out of plastic.  What happens to plastic over time and / or when used repeatedly over a hot grill?  The plastic expands, and, well….

Not All Products Are Built The Same

For these reasons, Friendly Fires has never sold BBQ brushes made from plastic.  Our BBQ brushes cost more – but they’re made from solid materials (wood & steel) and therefore do not lose bristles over time.  Friendly Fires specializes in the ‘good stuff’ – and a BBQ brush is no exception.  Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more.

What To Do Next?

If you own a big box store BBQ brush, throw it out.  Replace it with one of many alternatives:

1 – BBQ Brush with wood handle

2 – Grill Floss

3 – Bristle Free BBQ brush

And of course, all of these BBQ brushes are available at Friendly Fires locations and other great specialty retailers in Ontario.

Happy (and safe) BBQing!

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