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This week, Friendly Fires completed another installation for a popular home renovation show.  This latest episode will be aired on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) as part of their Income Property / Vacation Property series.  It’s not the first time that Friendly Fires was chosen to be the trusted fireplace contractor, nor the last (we hope).

Unfortunately, we can’t speak much about what was done as the episode has not aired yet – so stay tuned.  We can say that the wood fireplace was installed in Apsley (Kawartha Lakes) in between Lakefield and Bancroft.  In addition, we can also speak about the experience – which was really neat.  On a normal course of business, our amazing fireplace installers typically install a standard wood stove in under 5 hours.  Total time for this episode, will be closer to 10 hours.  Our projected on air time: 10 seconds (from a 10 hour install)!

Its funny to see our technicians perform a task and then the director asks them to repeat it again, and again, and again – so that he can film it from different angles.  I think we must have thrown some old chimney pieces off the cottage roof 10 times (throw off, bring back up, throw off again…).

Working with Scott McGillivray and the rest of the HGTV designers and producers was excellent once again.  And considering that our Cobourg fireplace showroom was in the Adam Sandler / Kevin James movie Pixels this year, and that we have dozens of popular movie stars as customers – maybe Friendly Fires should consider opening a store in Hollywood?  Celebrity Fireplaces anyone?

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