What charcoal BBQ to buy?

Growth in charcoal cooking these past few years has been dramatic. Whether it’s the taste in food or simply the versatility (from smoking to searing in one appliance), charcoal is back! One question often asked in our stores is: What’s the best Kamado charcoal BBQ?  Kamado refers to the ceramic charcoal BBQs – allowing increased moisture content in the food and amazing heat control.  There are so many brands, that its tough for consumers to make a decision.

The most common ones are the Big Green Egg (most popular & has been around the longest), Vision Grill (Big Box Store), Grill Dome (Internet), Broil King Keg (portable Kamado), Kamadoe Joe (up & coming Kamado), Primo (our brand), or the Black Olive (easiest to start).

Which one is the best? Well, although your food will taste the same on all of them, here are some reasons why you may choose one over another.

If you:
1 – Want the original, don’t mind spending more for a brand name, don’t mind if your product is made in Mexico or overseas and like the colour green – buy the Big Green Egg
2 – Are on a budget and don’t mind replacement parts every few years – buy the Vision Grill
3 – Want the cheapest option and are okay with replacing it in a couple of years – buy the Grill Dome
4 – Prefer the colour red – get the Kamadoe Joe
5 – Want to travel with it and don’t mind sacrificing some heat control – get the Broil King Keg (attaches to a tailgate)
6 – Prefer North American built product and want to cook a variety of foods – get the Primo Oval (most versatile)
6 – Lead a busy life and need the quickest to start and control – get the Black Olive Pellet or Black Olive Charcoal (auto start option)

Regardless of your decision, one thing is for certain – by picking any one of the above you will definitely want to spend more time outside this summer and you can’t go wrong with that!

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