Eating our own dog food

One element of the Friendly Fires culture is to ‘eat our own dog food.’  In other words, we encourage our amazing team to use the products we sell in our showrooms and at their homes.  By using the products we sell, we can better support our customers and ensure we are recommending the right solutions for the right applications.  Examples of ‘eating our own dog food’ include:

  • We heat our showrooms with efficient and clean burning wood and pellet stoves
  • Friendly Fires’ warehouses are heated with pellet furnaces
  • Most of our team uses a Saffire or Primo charcoal kamado for their BBQing
  • Many of our team members heat their homes with wood or pellet stoves that we sell

Although we are proud of this success, one area we’ve been slow to implement is generating solar power in our Peterborough showroom. Although our technicians have (and continue to install) thousands of solar panels across Ontario – we never installed panels on our Peterborough building (Kingston showroom panels have been profitably generating hydro since 2005).

It was time to change.  This Friday – our amazing technicians installed solar panels on our Peterborough building.  We are now benefiting financially (and helping save the environment) just like hundreds of our solar customers.

Why did it take us so long?

The shoemaker’s kids often go barefoot.

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