Everything You Need To Know About 3-sided Fireplaces!

For those looking to move away from the traditional style of fireplaces and something that stands out more than the modern linear fireplaces a 3-sided fireplace may be just what you’re looking for.

Interior Designer’s Dream Fireplace

Walk into any modern home in which an interior designer has been at work and you’re likely to be seeing a 3-sided fireplace, and for good reason. This unique, eye-catching style of fireplace is a wonderful way of bringing a touch of European flare to any living space.

Not only do they create a stunning focal point for your living room, they are functional as well. The linear look allows plenty of room for televisions to be mounted above a comfortable height for viewing.

European Look, Canadian Made

Everything You Need To Know About 3-sided Fireplaces!

Marquis Enclave Gas Fireplace Bay Window

The three-sided fireplace look originally began in Europe with the minimal and elegant design sense that has been popular there since the original days of Bauhaus. Until now these types of fireplaces were only available at great expense imported from Europe. Now however, we have some beautiful Canadian-made 3-sided gas fireplaces to choose from such as the Enclave by Marquis. These units help your living space stand out with accent lighting, zero clearance to TV and artworks many media options and log sets as well.

Learn more about our 3 sided gas fireplaces models.

Can’t do Gas? Go Electric!

Everything You Need To Know About 3-sided Fireplaces!

Amantii Tru-view Electric Fireplace

Depending on your living space, sometimes gas and natural gas may not be suitable. For these situations there is a range of 3-sided electric fireplaces that can fit the bill. The Amantii Tru-view series for example comes in a variety of sizes that is perfect for any living space inside or out.

Questions? We’re Here to Help!

Are you considering upgrading to a 3-sided fireplace? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to walk you through the steps to finding the perfect solution for your home.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you might have, and if there is a topic you’d like to see us cover in the blog let us know!

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  1. Do you know of any 3-sided fireplaces that are less than 10,000$ and available in North America? I can only find Spartherm, and they’re very expensive.

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