Fireplace Benefits

The Farmers Almanac is predicting a cold cold winter…..  Here’s how a new stove or fireplace can help!

For many people, a fireplace helps to make their house feel more like a home by adding festive ambiance or creating a romantic setting. All year round a new fireplace is an attractive focal piece where family photos and seasonal decorations can be on display.  But besides soft benefits, there are also many tangible benefits of a new wood stove or gas fireplace.

No Hydro, No Problem

Hydro blackouts can be a challenge during winter, especially if you don’t own a generator.  Without an alternate heating system your house could sustain damages and you may have to stay somewhere else until the power is on again.  Friendly Fires’ recommends fireplaces that work during power outages.  No power, no problem.

Energy Independence

There has been much talk lately on large monopolies (ie hydro) increasing costs to consumers.  Fireplaces and stoves offer real alternatives to heating a home.  Most people are astonished as to how many people heat their entire homes with one or two fireplaces (gas, propane, wood or pellet).  Although they can be more work (wood or pellet) – the money you save on your heating goes a long way to making it worthwhile.  Plus, you are independent – you’ll not care what the large utilities are doing.  Do you have a masonry fireplace opening?  Consider an efficient insert.

Environmentally Friendly ‘Green’ Heat

Solar? Wind? Ethanol? Hydro? Nuclear? No matter what your opinion is on alternate ‘green’ technologies, efficient wood and pellet appliances are carbon neutral.  The only heating source that is.  Wood heat often gets a bad reputation for not being environmentally friendly, but this is not the case if done properly.  Wood is a sustainable, renewable resource that reduces your carbon footprint. Wood is a plentiful resource – especially now that wood harvesters plant as many trees as they cut down.  Unlike fossil fuels which release a large amount of carbon when burned, wood produces an equal amount of carbon burning as it does decaying naturally.  For this reason, it is considered “carbon neutral” by the Carbon Trust.  Why not heat your home in a green fashion – save the environment and your pocket book?  Wood is good!

Save Money

Decreasing your dependence on an energy company for heat can also significantly reduce your heating costs during the winter. Wood is an affordable fuel whether you collect it yourself or get it delivered.  According to the Energy Information Administration’s Heating Fuel Comparison Calculator, it costs less than $10 to produce 1 million BTUs with wood while it costs over $30 to produce the same amount of energy with electricity.

There are many great benefits to owning a fireplace….. hopefully our Team will have the opportunity to keep your home and cottage warm this winter.

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