Five Reasons to get a Fire Table this Fall

As the nights begin to get chilly you may think that going inside is your only option. However, there is an ambiance creating, evening warming alternative – gas powered Fire Tables! Many people don’t realize just how much heat these lovely tables put out, and also just how lovely it is to sit around the dancing flames. In this post we introduce five reasons to get a firetable this fall.

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1. Fire tables extend your outdoor season.

There comes a point in mid-September or so when putting on a sweater to stay outside just doesn’t cut it. “Time to move indoors until spring.” you may be thinking. What if you could bask in 60,000 BTUs of heat while enjoying the outdoors with friends and family?

Outdoor gas firetables are made for exactly this purpose. You’ll be surprised how much heat can be generated by a firetable. In these times when people are a bit hesitant to join you indoors, they’ll be happy to spend time with you around the warmth of the fire table.

Patio Flame tables come with the option of propane or natural gas to make usage simple no matter your situation.

Five reasons to get a fire table this fall - wine around the firetable!

2. Fire tables create a magical ambiance.

One thing we hear over and over again is how much people enjoy the ambiance of the dancing flames. It’s much like gathering around the campfire but without any of the smoke and hassle of building a fire. Just turn the knob and press the button and you’ve got instant fire.

Instant fire!

3. Fire tables are easy to care for and maintain.

A little maintenance will keep your fire table warming your evenings for years to come. Luckily there are only a small number of parts. This make maintenance a relatively simple affair.

Periodically look for any rust, damage, or debris all around the unit. Remove leaves or anything that gets stuck inside the base as these can be a fire hazard.

Once or twice a year remove the media and inspect the burner surface for any signs of deterioration. Remove and dust or debris from the media before placing back in the burn chamber.

Inspect your gas lines for nicks, kinks, or cuts that could cause an issue with gas flow. If you see any damage contact a professional gas service person. Do not work on natural gas lines yourself.

If you have a propane unit make sure to keep a spare propane tank handy. It’s no fun when the fire sputters out in the middle of the evening!

4. Firetables are great for summer evenings, too!

Once you get a taste of the fire table you’ll doubtless use it in the summer as well. Even when the weather is warm it’s a great gathering place for friends and family to share a glass of wine or even pull out the guitars and entertain your neighbours!

5. Your friends will always want to come over!

There is something special about gathering around a fire. Perhaps it evokes primal memories of ancient days when we gathered around the fire to seek safety. Whatever the reason, it’s somehow easier to bond with people while gathered around the fire. We’ve heard from so many people how their fire table has become the gathering place for friends and family.

These are just five reasons to get a fire table this fall, but once you do you are certain to come up with many more!

Top Fire Table Choices

Seeking even more heat?

If you want a step up in heating your outdoor area then you will be interested in the Bromic Patio Heater. Capable of heating up to 200 sq. ft. these portable units are powerful and easy to use.

Stay Warm and Toasty this fall!

Do you have any questions about fire tables? Visit one of our showrooms or contact us online to learn more. Do you have a fire table? Let us know what you love about it!

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