Charitable Success Story

An important part of the Friendly Fires culture is to give back to the community.  This week, we were recognized as the official winner of the workplace challenge of the Loving Spoonful / GAR.  Loving Spoonful is a charitable organization in Kingston that collects

healthy food for those who can not necessarily afford it.  What is great about this award is that one of our team members – Josh – was the person who did most of the work.  We simply provided some land for Josh – and he made some incredible gardens in our yard and has been cultivating them ever since.  Its great to give back, and its great that our team gives back as well.  Our success depends on our community – so it we feel it is important to give back.  More importantly however, Josh deserves some great kudos for taking it upon himself to work for such a great cause.  If you come into our store and feel that growing healthy food for those who may not be able to afford it is a good cause – could you let Josh know?

Great work Josh!

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