Friendly Fires Logo Debate

As you view this website, you may (or may not) be noticing the different logos and looks that Friendly Fires is currently using. Essentially, there is our original ‘waving flame’ logo – still present on a few of our old signage (copy is in this post).  In 2004, we updated to our ‘happy house’ look.  Then, when we merged with Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow – we had their logo as well.  Now, in 2012, we have our new look that is on this website.  Sheesh – that is a lot of logos.  How come not all our marketing material has been updated?  Well, to be honest, it is a question of time – energy – money. We have been updating our logos / looks as the marketing materials have required replacing. In always trying to keep our expenses to a minimum, we have a hard time spending money on cosmetic items.

Marketing Confusion? Definitely. Are we working towards a common brand? Yes. Does it make for an interesting blog post?

You be the judge….

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