Gas Fireplace – Valor Remote – Turn Fireplace On & Off

This video shows how to turn a fireplace on and off from a remote. Specifically, it is the GV60 Remote from Maxitrol commonly found on Valor fireplaces.

4 thoughts on “Gas Fireplace – Valor Remote – Turn Fireplace On & Off

  1. turn fireplace on with hand held remote ,leave it on for 1 hr and try to turn it down ,but remote wont respond it will not turn down unit is valor 739 1ln nat gas

    • Hi Bil,

      Have you tried replacing the batteries in the handheld part? Have you also tried replacing the batteries in the receiver box (ie – the box at the fireplace)?

  2. I have the same problem it will turn on ok but it won’t turn down the flame or turn off – I have changed the batteries in both the remote and receiver and still no luck – any suggestions?

    • Hi Steve – it definitely sounds like a battery in the receiver issue or a range issue (is the handheld remote too far from the FP?). If those do not solve the problem (it sounds like you’ve already replaced batteries – ensure they are good quality batteries by the way) – then you will need a replacement part inside the fireplace. Please contact our service department (if you are in our geographical area) and we can get someone out. Thanks.

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