Another Great Year

Its amazing that another full year has passed.  Once again, we could not be more proud of the incredible accomplishments of our talented team.  2015 was another great year for Friendly Fires, and once again, we achieved some great achievements this year again.  First and foremost, was the addition of some amazing new talent.  We were fortunate to grow again as a business, and one of the fun parts about growth is the addition of new people with their respective skills and abilities.  If Friendly Fires did not have the most skilled solar, fireplace & BBQ team in North America before – we definitely do now.  We added some new gas technicians, wood technicians, sales people and a Service Manager.  Its great to grow when most newspapers talk about doom & gloom!  Thank you customers!

Another interesting point is the fact that ‘winter did not arrive’ in 2015.  Normally for a fireplace business, this would be very tough and sales would suffer.  Luckily for us however, our fireplace business did very well – and – our BBQ and solar business grew!  Its tough for a business to remain small and focused on a few verticals, but so far, our focus on 3 categories is paying off.

We have no plans to sell hot tubs, furnaces, patio furniture, or any other distraction in 2016.  We want to be the best we can – in three specific yet complimentary categories: Fireplaces, BBQs & Solar.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what our amazing team accomplished this year.

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