High-dro Price$ – Ri$e Again

According to the Government, hydro prices are rising 40%+ in the next 5 years.  Can you image any company raising prices that amount?  How abut paying $50,000 for a Honda Accord? $3 for a cup of Tim Hortons coffee? $1.50 for gasoline (forget that last example…  we will probably be paying that amount anyways…).

Unfortunately, hydro is somewhat of a monopoly, and, well, what happens with prices at monopolies?  Does anyone remember long distance phone rates before competition?  Shipping prices before FedEx? Airline ticket prices before WestJet? Cel phone rates before Wind Mobile?

The best way to tackle these crazy hydro increases is with increased competition.  Fortunately, we as homeowners are able to compete and create an environment where Hydro will want to try and earn our business and will work hard at providing competitive rates.  How?  Although this is a very self-serving message …  how about generating your own hydro with solar? Wind? Or reducing your reliance on hydro with clean wood heat?

As home owners we have the power (get it?) – lets use it.  Only by increasing our independence and creating a competitive hydro environment do we have a chance of fighting back against these blatant tax grabs.

And we did not even touch on the environmental benefits…..

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