How a Wood-Burning Stove Can Improve Your Home Décor

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A lot of homeowners are turning to wood-burning stoves for heat and even cooking. They’re great energy-efficient stoves that look great and cut down on utility costs. Wood-burning stoves radiate heat throughout a home more than a fireplace, plus homeowners still get the benefit of being able to enjoy an open fire indoors. They‘re great to sit in front of and enjoy a glass of wine or read a book on those cold winter nights.

Avid cooks are adding wood-burning stoves to kitchens because they love the challenge of cooking over flames (the Nectre 350 Baker’s Oven and Nectre 550 Baker’s Oven stoves are great examples). How the stoves are installed, though, can have a big impact on a home’s look and feel. New stoves are like the ones used in past generations. They come in a lot of different styles that can really add flair and warmth to interior design. Take a look at these tips on how a wood-burning stove can add to your home’s décor.

Functional vs Non-Functional Stoves

Whether you’re going to use a wood-burning stove will affect how you incorporate it into your home’s design. While the stoves are a popular option that many people want to use, not everyone wants to go through the trouble of tending fires. A lot of homes have wood-burning stoves in them when they’re bought, and some people struggle with what to do with them. They’re often in a corner somewhere and it can be difficult to design around them. A lot of designers have found success using the stoves as a mantel for artwork or photography. They can be decorated with candles, flower vases, and other items. One creative idea is to place candles inside and light them on occasion. Homeowners even place crystals and stones inside and use the glass face as a display.

If you’re planning on using the stove, you probably won’t be able to place as many objects around it. Artwork or other decorations can’t be placed too close to the stove because it puts off so much heat. Don’t worry though, the fire is often all the décor you’ll need. A working wood-burning stove automatically becomes the focal point of the room because fire naturally draws people in. If you want to spruce up a stove, you can add higher-end stone and masonry work around it. It can also be painted different colors with fire-resistant paint to match a home’s color scheme.

New vs Old Wood-Burning Stoves

If you’ve ever bought a home, you’ve probably seen plenty of wood burning stoves while searching through real estate listings. As you click through pictures of the interior, you come across a large black stove in a corner somewhere surrounded by brickwork. Older stoves were larger and not as efficient as modern stoves. They required more wood that created more ash and smoke. Designs often made them look like they belonged in an old Western movie about cowboys.

Newer stoves have made significant improvements in look and function. Designs are much more modern. They come in smaller sizes with larger glass faces that focus on the flames much more. This makes it possible to enjoy the fire just as much with smaller stoves.

The shapes are sleeker cylinders or cubes. They’re much more discreet and are an addition to a room’s design as opposed to dictating the décor like older stoves do. In addition, newer stoves work much better.

An added benefit of newer stoves is they have functional design improvements. Burn times are hours longer in new stoves and they require less wood. That means more money saved and less mess in the house from carrying new wood in. They also have improved draft so there’s less smoke generated. They burn cleaner and cut down on carbon monoxide production. Many come with drawers that can store tinder, lighters and other suppliers for the stove. People love to cozy up next to new wood-burning stoves to read a book or have a cup of coffee. Their modern designs elevate a room with a sense of elegance.

Design Around the Stove

How a Wood-Burning Stove Can Improve Your Home Décor | Friendly Fires

Stove with mantle and brick work

Modern stoves make incorporating them into a home’s interior design theme much easier. Instead of bulky stoves that are hard to do much with, new stoves are more streamlined and fashion-friendly. It’s easy to add design elements around wood-burning stoves to make the entire room look great. A lot of interior designers incorporate a shelving unit next to the stove where they can store wood. It’s a great way to showcase wood, one of the five components of Feng Shui design. Natural elements like wood are believed to be vitalizing. Many wood-burning stoves also come now in different colors than traditional cast-iron black. The variety adds options for wall paint, curtains, and furniture to play off the stove. Deciding on the surface to place your wood-burning stove on is very important. A base made of limestone will not only provide a non-flammable, natural stone surface to place your stove on, it will also improve your room’s décor.

How a Wood-Burning Stove Can Improve Your Home Décor | Friendly Fires

Kitty loves the warmth from this Hearthstone Wood Stove

Setting up a room’s function is also a great way to improve décor around a wood-burning stove. If you’ve got the space, keep the area in front of a stove as open as possible. It’s a great spot to lay down a sheepskin or shag run with some throw blankets. People can lay down in front of the fire and enjoy the view. It gives off a great cabin vibe that makes a home feel more intimate. A designer coffee table in the vicinity is a great place to set down coffee mugs or wine glasses to sip on while you enjoy the fire.

Modern design has pushed wood-burning stoves into the realm of fashionable interior décor. They’re no longer only used as a functional heating tool. The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes give homeowners so many options to choose from. It’s no longer about how to mask a stove or make it less pronounced. New stoves become the centerpiece of a room with wider glass panels and natural design that draws people in. Now more than ever, wood-burning stoves are a perfect choice for people looking for a way to efficiently heat their homes and enjoy the comfort a fire provides. Homeowners are discovering that wood-burning stoves generate an atmosphere that makes people want to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

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