How to Choose the Best Outdoor Patio Heater

You’ve been enjoying those warm outdoor evenings all summer, what do you do when they start to have a nip to them? Until now your only option was to brave the cold for a few more weeks until you’re forced indoors. With the advent of affordable and powerful outdoor patio heaters there is another option! In this post we will cover how to choose the best outdoor patio heater for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Patio Heater

Why buy an Outdoor Patio Heater?

You’ve gone to a lot of effort to build the perfect outdoor space for entertaining family and friends. Wouldn’t it be great if you weren’t limited to spring and summer entertaining?

Outdoor patio heaters have until recently been used mainly for outdoor dining at restaurants. This is probably where most people have seen them.

The new generation of outdoor heaters are both powerful enough and affordable enough to be year round accessories to your outdoor living space.

Bromic Tungsten Gas Heaters – a New Generation of Heater

Types of Outdoor Patio Heaters

The two types of outdoor heater we will cover in this article are gas and electric. Gas outdoor heaters such as the Bromic line of heaters can be used with either propane or natural gas. This makes them incredibly convenient to use.

Electric outdoor patio heaters are not as powerful as their gas powered cousins. Although they can work great for smaller or more sheltered areas. Generally we recommend 4000 to 6000 watt sizes for most outdoor applications.

Bromic Outdoor Heater Selection

Gas Heaters vs Electric Heaters

Which type of heater will work best for you depends on your needs. If you have a smaller sheltered area (up to 130 sq ft.) that is the only area you need to heat a mountable electric heater system should perform nicely.

If there are a few different areas that will need heat at different times, a portable heater like the Bromic Tungsten Portable could be the perfect solution for you. This way you can bring the heat to where it’s needed.

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more permanent? Bromic Ceiling and Wall Heaters can be mounted in any number you require, all controlled by a single panel or remote.

If your home is wired with natural gas you can have the convenience of never having to fill up the propane tank.

How well to Outdoor Patio Heaters Perform?

You may have heard about or used the mushroom style heaters that send heat out from a central source in all directions. We’ve found that in group situations this type of heater is less than optimal.

Focused heating offers greater reach without the wasted heat of the mushroom designs. Take a look at the heating profile of the Bromic Tungsten Portable below to get an idea.

The 38,500 BTU can heat up to 215 sq ft. Covered patios or structures that block the wind will obviously lead to better outcomes than just an open space.

Bromic Outdoor Patio Heater heat distribution profile.  Friendly Fires.

Combining an outdoor patio heater with a fire table makes for a seriously cozy outdoor recreational space!

Safety and Maintenance

Outdoor heaters are surprisingly easy to maintain and need generally need little maintenance. Portable units should be stored in a shed or covered during inclement weather.

Ensure that heaters are mounted in places that are difficult for little hands to reach. Each heater also has accepted clearances from combustibles that need to be considered when installing. If these factors are taken into account they are very safe to operate.

The Bromic Portable comes equipped with an auto-shut off feature should the unit be tilted or knocked over.

Interested in learning more?

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