How to Disassemble Pacific Energy Wood Stoves

At Friendly Fires we carry a wide range of replacement parts for Pacific Energy wood stoves. We are commonly asked about how to remove or install the individual components. Recently I was lucky enough to have one of our top service technicians, Tim, give me a guided tour of how to remove the most common replacement parts on Pacific Energy Stoves.

What you see in this video applies to most Pacific Energy Wood Stoves, the Vista, Super & Spectrum Series, the Summit Series, and the Neo as well. If you have any questions or there was something that wasn’t clear please leave a comment below!

The items covered in the video are the baffle pin, baffle kits, ceramic blankets, side rails, and flame shields. We also carry a range of other common replacement parts such as door handles & latches, door gaskets, replacement glass & door parts and more.

Please note that some items differ depending on the age of the stove, so please check your serial number on the back rating plate and contact us if you are not sure and we can help you find the correct item.

If you have any questions at all about your Pacific Energy Wood Stoves, or any other Wood or Gas stove or fireplace we carry please let us know – we’d be happy to make more how-to videos!

6 thoughts on “How to Disassemble Pacific Energy Wood Stoves

  1. Is there a similar for the Harmon P43 Line of Pellet Stoves – thought to get at the auger and feed spout cleaning be a consideration – these are great, even the Door Treated rope gasket replacement type videos would be simple but surely helpful for customers alike !

    • Thanks very much for the comment Tim! We don’t have a video of the Harmon but I’ll see what we can do. We’ll get a gasket video up soon as well – if there are any others you’d like to see don’t hesitate to let us know!

  2. Thanks. I have 2 Pacific Energy stoves. One Classic like in the video and a Summit insert. They are easy to clean and work great for heating my homes.
    Do you sell parts for these stoves?

  3. I have a piece of metal fastened to the top of my stove above the baffle plate. A screw or bolt holds it in place it doesn’t seem to want to move

    • Hi Francis, thank you for your comment.

      That is the flame shield. It is tricky to remove as the bolts may be tight.

      Unless it is severely warped you should be fine to leave it in place.

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