2 thoughts on “How to light the pilot light on an Enviro Westport Gas Stove

  1. My Westport metal stove will not ignite after the pilot is lit. I purchased a remote to make things better but even with the remote I have to remember to turn it on every 6 days to keep the pilot lit. I can get the pilot lit but then when I turn the switch to on it won’t ignite. Even when the remote is turned on nothing happens. I changed the batteries in the remote but that didn’t help. Is there some secret code between the remote and the stove that needs to be reset? My fireplace insert works like a charm but not the Westport. I bought a used Westport for my son and family. It came with a remote and fan ALL for $400. Mine has no fan, I paid extra for a remote and you can look up my bill at your end. I purchased both in 2019. Please help.

    • Hi Beverly, very sorry to hear about the issue you are having. Can you please give our service department a call at 705-741-1900? Thank you!

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