How to Troubleshoot Your BBQ

Troubleshooting issues with your BBQ can be tricky, but there are a number of common issues that pop-up more often than others. In this post we will show you common issues that come up when learning how to troubleshoot your bbq.

How to Troubleshoot Your BBQ: Heat & Smoke Issues

How to Troubleshoot Your BBQ

Burner will not light

Possible reasons:

  •  Out of propane
  •  Burner tubes are not properly attached to the BBQ which impedes gas flow
  •  Insects blocked the orifice and/or burner
  •  Is the ignitor working and/or do the batteries need replacing?
  •  Is the regulator assembly fully tightened to the cylinder valve?

Check our BBQ replacement parts page to find the parts for your grill.

Barbecue is not hot enough

Common problem with new regulator system: The new right hand thread QCC1 system is
designed to shut down the flow of gas to a minimal amount should it detect a cut or leak in the
gas hose. It can also be triggered by turning on the cylinder valve too quickly OR by shutting the
tank before the BBQ. To re-set: turn cylinder valve off. Turn all burner knobs off. Remove
regulator from tank (it is now reset). Connect regulator to tank. Always turn the cylinder valve on
very slowly for the first turn. Turning the valve too quickly may release an initial burst of
pressure that can be detected by the system as a leak which activates the flow control device.

Other possible causes for not enough heat:

  •  If you recently replaced the burner, after-market burners will often not generate the same
  • amount of heat
  •  Check for insects blocking the burner tube
  •  Ensure that burners are properly attached to the BBQ

Black Smoke on Food

Venturi tubes may be partially blocked causing incorrect gas / air mixture and therefore improper
burn. Check and clean venturi tubes as well as the condition of burner port holes. Try cleaning the tubes with a Venturi Tube Brush.

How to Troubleshoot your BBQ: Flame Issues

Flame too Yellow

Same as above “Black Smoke on Food”.

Flame burns out on low

Has the BBQ been sufficiently preheated before turning to ‘low’? Are the venturi tubes from the
burner properly seated over the orifices on the valve? Are the venturi tubes absolutely clear and
clean? Check for insects.

Is it time for a new grill?

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Flashback or Flames

  • Immediately shut off the gas supply
  • Let BBQ cool
  • Remove burner and inspect closely. Generally caused by insects inside venturi tube or a rusted burner.

Check our BBQ replacement parts page to find the parts for your grill.

How to Troubleshoot your BBQ : Heat Issues

How to Troubleshoot Your BBQ: Other Common Issues

Humming Regulator

A normal occurrence caused by cold propane passing through a restricted passage. Usually
occurs with a full tank in hot weather.

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Burner lights with match but not the ignitor

Is the push button broken or wet? Is the wire broken or frayed? Is the ceramic on the electrode
broken? Is the electrode on the ceramic broken, blocked or out of alignment?

You may need to replace your ignitor, check on our site for Ignitors.

Too Much Heat

Typically caused by:

  •  Excessive grease build-up
  • (on sear plates, flavourizer bars or grease tray)
  •  Damaged or missing orifice
  •  Faulty propane tank regulator
  •  Improper rock or briquette distribution

Anything we missed?

If you have a question that wasn’t covered by this post please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to help and will update this post with any new info we can.

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