5 Great BBQ Recipes for Labour Day!

Labour Day weekend is the perfect time for a BBQ. To help make your festivities a little easier we’ve put together a list of 5 recipes to help answer that eternal question – “What to make for dinner?”

1. Classic Baby Back Ribs

Starting off our list we’ve got the timeless favourite, classic baby back ribs. A bit of Trivia on the name, Baby back ribs (a.k.a. loin ribs, back ribs, or Canadian back ribs) are taken from the top of the rib cage between the spine and the spare ribs, below the loin muscle. The designation “baby” indicates the cuts are from market weight hogs, rather than sows.

Father's Day BBQ Recipes baby back ribs | Friendly Fires

Recipe from our Friends at Weber: Classic Baby Back Ribs

2. Breakfast for Dinner – Eggs Benedict Burgers!

You know it’s not a real hamburger unless it makes a big mess, well get ready for the gooiest tastiest hamburgers you’ve ever tried. The Napoleon Burger Press works great for preparing your burgers the night before!

Father's Day BBQ Recipes EggsBennyBurgers | Friendly Fires

Recipe from our friends at Napoleon: Eggs Benedict Burgers

3. Peppery Chicken Kebabs!

Kebabs are super-easy to make and it’s always fun skewering things, and saying skewer! For a unique BBQ treat give this peppery chicken kebab a try – serve over rice or wrapped in baby romaine lettuce leaves.

Father's Day BBQ Recipes peppery chicken | Friendly Fires

Recipe from our friends at Broil King: Peppery Chicken

4. BBQ Pizza

There is nothing quite like a pizza cooked on the BBQ, if it’s a charcoal Kamado grill so much the better! We carry a wide range of pizza accessories that make baking pizza on the BBQ a cinch!

Father's Day BBQ Recipes -Margherita-Pizza | Friendly Fires

Recipe from our friends at Primo: BBQ Pizza

5. Steak!

Of course no list is complete without this timeless classic – there are as many ways to cook steak as there are BBQers but here is a great recipe from the folks at Green Mountain Grills.

Father's Day BBQ Recipes Steaks | Friendly Fires

Recipe from our friends at Green Mountain Grills: BBQ Steak!

If you give any of these a try we’d love to see your results, please leave a comment with your picture! Any other recipes you tried that worked well, let us know!

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