Labour Day Recipes to Impress Family & Friends

Labour Day Recipes - Smoked Baby Back RibsLooking for great Labour Day Recipes? If you’re stuck for ideas for on what to put on the grill this Labour Day weekend, check out these 3 helpful recipe videos guaranteed to satisfy every member of your party.

The videos below feature the Primo Charcoal Grill. But these recipes will also come out great on Natural Gas or Propane BBQs or Pellet BBQs as well!

Labour Day Recipes

Smoked baby back ribs

For a really impressive meal, give these smoked baby back ribs a try!

What you’ll need: Baby back ribs, Yellow Mustard, your favourite Rub, 3 – 6 hours for cooking, a group of family and friends with big appetites!

Beer Can Chicken

This is another fun and impressive feast.

What you’ll need:
whole chicken, garlic cloves, beer, beer can chicken roaster. Helpful to have – cooking thermometer.

Margherita Pizza BBQ Recipe

This pizza recipe is great for those who want to get in on the BBQ action but may not be meat eaters.

What you’ll need: Olive oil, diced onion, minced garlic, can of pureed tomatoes, basil, thyme, pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, pizza stone. To make taking that pizza out even easier try using one of the Napoleon Pizza Peel.

If you’re looking for something to cook pizzas exclusively, take a look at the awesome Uuni Pizza Oven.

Whatever you end up cooking, have a fantastic Labour Day weekend! Make sure you take some photos and be sure to them to our Facebook page, we’d love to see what everyone is grilling!

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