Make a Fire Table Your Gathering Place

Gather Around the Fire Table!

Make a Fire Table Your Gathering Place

Fire is a magical element. It has the ability to transform any outdoor living space. It immediately creates a cozy atmosphere usually found only around the campfire.

A living fire evokes a closeness with friends and family. It enhances communication, and can turn a simple drink on the patio into a memorable evening.

Can you see yourself in this picture? With a gas fire table it’s as easy as magic!

What is a fire table?

Fire pits have been around in one shape or another for arguably 200,000 years. fire tables, sometimes known as fire pit tables, are a relatively more recent invention.

Essentially, it is a durable, outdoor table housing a burner like those found in bbqs. Although unlike BBQs, they are used for ambiance, not cooking.

When not in use the fire table lid can cover the flame chamber allowing it to be used as a regular table.

Choosing Your Fire Table Style

As fire tables have evolved the choices for shapes and finishes have increased.
The most common shapes are square, rectangular, and round. Although linear tables are becoming more popular as well.

Does a more traditional look suit your outdoor decor and lifestyle? Or a more modern designer’s concrete look? Granite top you say? With many options to choose from you can have your choice.

Many manufacturers offer different colours and styles of media (stone, glass, etc). These can help match your decor and enhance the beauty of the dancing flames!

Fire Pit Bowls

Another unique variation on the fire table is the fire pit bowl. These unique items are both functional gas fire pits as well as artistic showpieces.

With optional accessories these fire pit bowls can function as tables, or even cooking grills!

Choose Your Fuel

Having either propane or natural gas will not limit your choices. Most units come with a conversion kit allowing you to use either fuel.

To hook up your 20 lb propane tank it’s as easy as connecting the regulator to the tank. If your house has natural gas, you can have a gas line run straight to your table by a licensed professional.

Choosing the Perfect Location for your Fire Table

Do you have a gazebo or canopy of some kind? A stone patio with extra space? A solid, stable base is a necessity for your table. This will keep your table level and provide a solid surface for your outdoor furniture.

Make sure you have enough space around your table. A general guideline is 10′ from any combustable surface such as walls, wooden sheds, and so on. Manufacturer’s specifications may vary so please check your owner’s manual.

Fire Tables vs Patio Heaters

Fire tables do throw a fair amount of heat, but they won’t warm much beyond immediate vicinity of the table. If you need more heat outdoors a dedicated patio heater may be the solution.

Patio heaters come in a variety of sizes of fuel types. They are another topic in themselves, but if you need more heat they can be a great addition.


If your fire table doesn’t come with them, you’ll want to purchase a wind guard and a cover.

Wind guards prevent the flame from blowing at too strong of an angle. They can also stop wayward items from falling into the flames!

Although fire tables are made to be used outdoors, a cover is a wise investment. An outdoor cover will keep your fire table safe from the elements.

Keep Safety in Mind

Some people, especially children, may not think the fire in the middle of the table is real. I’ve had to warn more than a few kids not to put their hands into the fire.

Make sure to keep easy access to the off switch in case it’s necessary to extinguish the fire in a hurry.


A little maintenance will keep your fire table warming your evenings for years to come. Luckily there are only a small number of parts. This make maintenance a relatively simple affair.

Periodically look for any rust, damage, or debris all around the unit. Remove leaves or anything that gets stuck inside the base as these can be a fire hazard.

Once or twice a year remove the media and inspect the burner surface for any signs of deterioration. Remove and dust or debris from the media before placing back in the burn chamber.

Inspect your gas lines for nicks, kinks, or cuts that could cause an issue with gas flow. If you see any damage contact a professional gas service person. Do not work on natural gas lines yourself.

If you have a propane unit make sure to keep a spare propane tank handy. It’s no fun when the fire sputters out in the middle of the evening!


With a fire table in your back yard it’s easy to create an intimate atmosphere with friends. Expect your friends to ask to come over again and sit around the fire!

The best part is when the evening is done, it turns off just like that!

Do you have a fire table?

If so, please leave us a comment below and let us know the most fun you’ve had around the fire table!

If you don’t have one yet, let us know if you have any questions!

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