Maximizing Your Wood Stove: 8 Practical Tips for Everyday Use

Wood stoves have a long history of keeping homes warm, dating back to the 18th century. Today, let’s explore some practical ways to make the most out of your wood stove, turning it from a simple heater into a versatile tool that adds value to your daily life.

1. Cooking Convenience

If you enjoy cooking, your wood stove can be a handy kitchen ally. Its flat surface is perfect for various stovetop dishes, from morning pancakes to a hearty steak dinner. No need for a fancy oven; a Dutch oven strategically placed on the stove surface can handle soups, stews, and even crusty bread.

We could write a book on the various recipes and methods of cooking on a wood stove, in face someone already has!

Nectre Bakers Oven 350 Wood Cookstove Front View Friendly Fires

2. Wood Stoves for Food Preservation

Forget the fancy dehydrators. Your wood stove can efficiently preserve fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Just slice them thinly, place them on a rack above the stove, and let the gentle warmth do the job. No-frills preservation for those times you’re craving summer flavours in the dead of winter.

3. Dry and Warm Your Clothes

Apart from heating, your wood stove doubles as a quick and efficient dryer. Hang your damp towels or wet clothes nearby, and they’ll be dry and toasty in no time. Just keep an eye on the distance to avoid any fire hazards. Do NOT put your clothes directly onto the wood stove, unless you are never planning to wear them again!

4. Wood Stove as a Humidifier

Combat the dry winter air by placing a pot of water or a cast iron steamer on the wood stove. The steam released acts as a natural humidifier, bringing some balance back to your indoor climate. Toss in some essential oils if you’re feeling fancy.

It is a good idea to add a Trivet on top of the stove so you do not damage the finish.

5. Wood Stove Candle-Making?

Yes! For those who like to get crafty, the wood stove is a perfect tool for making your own candles. Melt down old ones or use natural ingredients for a personalized touch. Practical and creative lighting for your space. You’ll need a dedicated pot to use for melting down the wax, and the suggestion above about using a Trivet is recommended here as well.

6. Green Thumb Accelerator

If you’re into gardening, use your wood stove to kickstart the germination process for your seeds. Just be cautious about overheating and ensure your plants are at a safe distance. The warmth of the stove can be too much for seedlings if you are not careful about distance. Use your best judgement and put that extra heat to good use!

7. Story Time by the Stove

Gather around your wood stove for a fun-for-everyone ‘Stove-Story’ night. Share stories, play music, or just enjoy the simple pleasure of genuine connections in the warm glow of the stove. There’s nothing like the glow of a fire to nurture a genuine connection with your loved ones.

8. Your Pet’s Favourite Spot

Make your wood stove a cozy spot for your pets by placing a bed or rug nearby. It’s a practical way to keep them warm and content during chilly days. Cats and dogs alike spend hours by the fire relaxing and soaking up the heat.

Remember to Focus on Safety

While enjoying the practical benefits of your wood stove, remember to keep safety in mind. Regular maintenance, maintaining a safe distance from flammable items, using a flame shield, installing carbon monoxide detectors, and educating kids about potential risks are key to a worry-free experience.

Your wood stove can be much more than just a heat source. It can be a gathering place for the family, an indispensable tool for cooking and helping with hobbies, and much more.

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Do you have any unique and interesting ways you use your wood stove? Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on our Facebook page!

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