Napoleon Grills

Experts in Gas and Infrared Grilling

With stunning performance, balanced design & superior customer service, Napoleon are committed to offering the best BBQ grills.

Friendly Fires carries a wide range of Napoleon Propane & Natural Gas grills as well as the entire Napoleon line of Outdoor Products and accessories.

Napoleon Grills

Prestige PRO Series Gas Grills

Engineered performance and masterful design is but half of what the Prestige PRO Series is all about. Chrome accents and full stainless steel construction create a beautiful grill.

Prestige Series Gas Grills

Napoleon Prestige Series Gas Grills at Friendly Fires

Providing the backyard chef everything needed to create exciting grilled dishes. Prestige Series grills are made with stainless steel.

Rogue Series Gas Grills

Napoleon Rogue Series Gas Grills at Friendly Fires

Get out there and go Rogue on your next meal. With affordable options and high quality standards, you can afford to grill different with the Rogue Gas Grill by Napoleon.

Charcoal Grills

Whether you’re a beginner or a grilling master, there is nothing like grilling with charcoal, the original infrared. Napoleon’s full lineup of charcoal grills has something for every space and need.

Built-in Grill Heads

Easily create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with Napoleon’s range of customizable Built-In Grill options.

Portable Grills

Napoleon Portable Grills at Friendly Fires

Life isn’t stationary and with Napoleon’s selection of portable grills, you can take fantastic grilling with you wherever life takes you.

Outdoor Living

Oasis Outdoor Kitchens

A large part of outdoor living is the creation of your own personal outdoor space. OASIS™ Outdoor Kitchens are the perfect way to customize your outdoor living space.

Built-In Components

Customize your complete outdoor kitchen using Napoleon’s versatile high quality stainless steel components.

Napoleon Accessories

Grilling Tools

Every chef needs a knife and a spatula, tongs and a cutting board. Napoleon has an extensive line of cooking tools that you need for your grill.

Grilling Products

Enhance your grilling experience by using these grilling products. From pizza stones to rib racks, marinade injectors to kebab sets, Napoleon has a full range of grilling accessories that will make the experience of grilling amazing.

Rotisserie Products

Become a grill master with restaurant grade rotisseries. Napoleon offers a full range of rotisserie kits and motors to fit all of our grills.

Grill Maintenance

Maintain your Napoleon Grill with our line of high quality grill cleaning tools and replacement parts.

Charcoal & Smoker Accessories

Offering grill accessories specifically designed for your charcoal or smoker grill.

Portable Accessories

Enhance your portable grilling experience by using purposely built accessories for your Napoleon portable grill.