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The following comments are all authentic emails or letters received by our customers.  At Friendly Fires, we are genuinely interested in helping customers select the right product for their needs and ensuring that every installation goes smoothly.  Should you wish to add your comment, please contact us.

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You did a great job and I appreciate that

Thank you Eric for the great service in finding the log set for Cara propane stove, as it was discontinued.

You did a great job and I appreciate that. Thank you again.

Sincerely Glenn

Dealing with Friendly Fires is like stepping back in time to when businesses had inventory, the staff were very knowledgeable and had the attitude we can’t do enough for the customer. 

When the door gasket needed replacing on our 30 year old Pacific Energy wood stove  I picked up the CTC universal fits all gasket. I wound up breaking the door handle trying to do a press fit of the gasket that was too thick to fit. I took the door to Friendly Fires. They had the proper gasket and a new handle in stock. They were happy to make the repair. I only paid for the parts.

Today I returned with the worn out fan from the same unit. Again they had the new fan in stock. They fitted the new fan into its housing  and tested it while i waited. Dealing with Friendly Fires is like stepping back in time to when businesses had inventory, the staff were very knowledgeable and had the attitude we can’t do enough for the customer. 

Duncan is definitely a huge asset to your business… he truly was the face of Friendly Fires for us.

Hi Brad~

I am sending you this letter on behalf of both myself and my husband Rick.
We would like to share with you our experience with Friendly Fires over the past several months.

When we moved back to Kingston in 2001 we purchased a wood burning insert from your store and was very happy at that time with not only the product, but the service as well.

Many years later we found ourselves in need of another insert and Friendly Fires was our first and only destination.
The unit we purchased proved to have some manufacturing flaws and issues… in particular for our space.

Not once did Friendly Fires staff not go above and beyond to provide the best service possible.
From your receptionist to the service techs who came to our home. Everyone worked together to find a solution.

One person stood out and that is Duncan Rider. He was and is an amazing person to work with.
He is always polite, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way he can. Nothing was an imposition to try to find a solution.
Duncan is definitely a huge asset to your business… he truly was the face of Friendly Fires for us.

After many, many service calls to our home a decision was made to pull the existing unit and replace it with another of our choice and at no cost to us! Thankfully it was also pulled from your showroom as well.

What a wonderful and generous gesture on your part. Truly a rare quality in any business and certainly shows your integrity. Wow!
We were thrilled to say the least and very relieved to now have a much more reliable and functioning wood burning insert in our home today.

Not only was this all possible because of you, but your honesty also provided us with something I personally always wanted… a propane fire pit. All this at no cost to us.

There are no words to express how grateful we are that we chose Friendly Fires… although there were some issues along the way that were out of your control, Friendly Fires did take it upon themselves to make it right! … and that you did!

Thank you so much!
Because of the way we were treated we have recommended your business to several people now and two of them have made purchases.
They were also very happy with not only their product but your service.

We wish you many more years of success in what you do best!

Rick & Karen Burgess

Thanks for the phenomenal customer service! It’s very much appreciated.

Hi Steve & Jason,

We just wanted to take the time to send a big thank you. Friendly Fires has been nothing but accommodating and reasonable throughout rectifying this incident. We fully acknowledge mistakes do happen and it’s been really great to have a company be so willing to work with us through this. We will be very happy to recommend Friendly Fires to friends and family in the future.

Thanks for the phenomenal customer service! It’s very much appreciated.

Michelle & Andrew

Tristan and team were outstanding

To the Service Dept,

I was in the Kingston store and tried to give verbal feedback about how great our woodstove was working after it’s servicing with Tristan and team.

I understand from a salesman that bonuses are performance related and customer feedback is key. Tristan and team were outstanding and fixing a leaking issue has made life with a woodstove happy again !

Thanks to those 2 young men.

Susanna D

My experience with Friendly Fires was more than just “friendly” it was fantastic!

To whom it may concern,

When I decided to add a wood burning stove to my cottage, I wasn’t sure where to begin. There are so many “guys” out there that are certified but I wanted to deal with a company that I knew would be around when I needed them down the road. My contractor friend recommended Friendly Fires so I called and was soon in touch with a sales person named Gene de St. Croix.

My dealings on the sales end with both Gene and Jason were fantastic. They answered all my questions and made me feel good about the stove that I chose with their help and guidance.

When I pulled the trigger and decided to move forward with the quote, Andrea was excellent to deal with in co-ordinating both the site inspection and the installation date.

When Mike and his helper showed up to do the install, I was blown away. I am a contractor myself and work with trades people every day. Mike really knew his stuff and his work was impeccable.

Overall, my experience with Friendly Fires was more than just “friendly” it was fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone. It’s a difficult industry to compare pricing as every stove seems similar and every time you want a quote, there is a site inspection fee so shopping around can become expensive which will negate any savings you are looking for. For this reason alone, it’s important to find a company that you can trust. Friendly Fires was the right choice for me.


Aaron Zon

My recent experience with two of your staff members

Eric and the Friendly Fires Team,

I just want to relay my recent experience with two of your staff members.

As you know, we purchased a wood burning stove and corner hearth from you, which was installed on July 24 at our cottage on Balsam Lake. As promised, our two Friendly Fires installers arrived bright and early on this day. Bobby and Jared were professional, courteous and very helpful in addressing our questions before they began. We felt confident with the two of them right away, as they displayed much knowledge and experience in the installation process but also in the wood stove performance and functionality itself. We felt comfortable with their ability, even in cutting through our brand new cottage roof! Bobby and Jared encountered a couple small surprises (such as not having all the connection pipes included in the manufacturer’s kit), but they worked through the solution with a great attitude and a “no problem” mindset. It set them back in time but they were pleasant and as efficient as possible about it. As installation wrapped up, Bobby and Jared did a great job cleaning up and left our cottage immaculate. They discussed the “first burn” with us before they left as well as answered all our questions with patience and thoroughness. They did not cut us short on answers or detailed information at all! This is MUCH appreciated!!!

Thanks to you also, Eric, as our sales rep. You clearly and professionally assisted us in choosing the right stove. You were patient and very thorough in explaining all of our options in a wood stove and the pros and cons of each. You explained what would work best for our space and needs and you remained considerate of our budget. After spending a lengthy amount of time with us, we felt confident with your product and your team and we did not even bother to shop elsewhere, which was our original plan. Thank you Eric for taking the time to make this process so informative and “customer friendly”.
So, thank you Friendly Fires and especially Bobby, Jared and Eric on an excellent customer experience so far with our wood stove purchase. We look forward to our first fire and to keeping our cottage toasty when the cold weather comes along.
We hope to make it to your showroom this fall to have a look at your accessories!

Abigail Dixon

We were happy with the installation crew

Hi Eric,

When I was in on Friday to get the grill, you mentioned that you would like to have a couple of photos of the finished fireplace we put in from you guys in February 2017.  Here are three photos, one from each side and a close-up.  We were happy with the installation crew, and when the fireplace had an issue with the fan sensor, you took care of it right away and the fireplace has worked perfectly ever since.  Matt did a great job on the masonry and we would gladly recommend him.

Since Friday, we’ve cooked 7 meals on the Primo.  None were scorched although one of my steaks was more medium than medium-rare, but with the sear, it was still tender and juicy.  We don’t find the wait too long at all.  Now just looking forward to actually smoking something on it.  At this point, it looks like the Primo will be our go-to grill:  the smoke adds something that a gas grill just can’t touch.  Thanks for the recommendation and the time you took to show me how to use it.


Once again thanks to Friendly Fires.

Your installers were here early this morning and did a great job of installing the liner and stove. It works very well with a very even heat. Once again thanks to Friendly Fires.


It was truly a very exceptional experience working with Friendly Fires

Hi Amy, it’s been awhile since we last connected. Matt has finished the fireplace, it looks amazing we couldn’t be more pleased with the final product. Although it took a little longer than first planned it was well worth the wait. I can’t say enough of how pleased we are with having Matt do the stone work to finish the fireplace. It was truly a very exceptional experience working with Friendly Fires and Matt to say the very least. Thank you again for your help and most definitely recommending Matt he is a true craftsman in every sense !!!

Regards Don…

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