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The following comments are all authentic emails or letters received by our customers.  At Friendly Fires, we are genuinely interested in helping customers select the right product for their needs and ensuring that every installation goes smoothly.  Should you wish to add your comment, please contact us.

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Solar Satisfaction!

“I would like to offer my thanks to the staff of Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow/Friendly Fires for the assistance given during the realization of my Microfit project.  From start to finish, the staff were accessible, friendly, full of good advice and clearly ready to do anything required to assure the success of my project. 

I came to FF when I was well along the application process, when I was looking for a third quote for my project.  Rodney Etienne met me at the front door and we soon got into a deep discussion of what would be required, solar panel technology, the pitfalls of the application process and even some rough estimates of production. FF impressed me as a company that knew what it was about.

 The site inspection was thorough and produced a proposal in which I had confidence. At this point, I was having trouble getting the other two potential providers to even answer the phone. Not so with FF! Every call was answered quickly, and I had several occasions to pop over and discuss matters in more detail with the staff.  Even though I had not yet committed to FF for my project, there seemed to be no limit to the advice or assistance that Rodney and the FF staff were willing to give me. Plus, I was able to meet with and speak to the technical and installation staff, who all clearly knew what they were about, making me even more confident of a successful project.

 The FF quote was not the cheapest of the three I received. However, I considered that the support I had received already, and that I would surely need through completion of the project and thereafter was the deciding factor. In the end, I chose FF because I had confidence in the staff, the technology and the ongoing support I would receive for my project.

 Experience has shown that my confidence in FF has been well placed. The installation was done on time. Several small issues arose during the installation and shortly after commissioning. These were dealt with quickly and to my entire satisfaction.  I am sure that if in 5 years I have an issue with the system, FF will respond as quickly as if I were a brand new customer coming through the door.

 With Microfit 3.0 approaching fast, prospective clients should definitely include FF in their list of potential providers for FIT or MICROFIT projects.  With an investment of this scope, you need to have confidence in your supplier/installer, and you will get that with FF.”

 Once again, thanks. The project is working great and got the first check from Hydro One!

 Chris Shelley

Kingston, ON

September 2013

You have my recommendation!!!

I had a gas stove installed by two employees from Friendly Fires (Chris and his helper), who both were thoroughly knowledgeable regarding the stove and answered all the questions I had.
They were both, professional, tidy and extremely pleasant to work with during the install.
In this day and age, that is somewhat uncommon to have such good workers.
I would have no problem in recommending this company to anyone in the Kingston/Napanee area who require a heating appliance or a eco friendly product.
Chris Gundersen
Bath, ON 
September, 2013

Many thanks from Sharbot Lake, ON!

Hey Daniel, 

The valor fireplace looks very sharp and we are very happy with how it fit!!  I certainly am looking forward to the heat it will provide!  What my wife was more impressed about was the gentlemen you had come to the house.  Gilles & Duncan were EXTREMELY professional, careful, courteous and friendly and we really appreciated having them at our house.  We also appreciated them putting tarps down on the carpet.  I am sure they had some questions from my 4 and 3 year olds so they had extra to deal with although my wife did try to keep them away.  I appreciated the guys being there first thing in the morning and they were very efficient in their work.  I can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed the experience and will be recommending your company to everyone we talk to!! 

When I can convince the boss to let me buy the Napoleon BBQ, I will be coming to your shop to do it.  A few more rainstorms and an uncovered grill just might do the trick:).

Thank you very much for the pleasant experience right from sales (Rodney was very good with us as well) to installation!!

 Have a great week!

 Michael McGovern

Sharbot Lake, ON

August 2013

Thank you from the cottage…

Hi Curtis,

I am so very happy with my Valor Madrona wood stove – this morning seems like a good morning to “practice” using it while it’s not too hot outside.  It looks great where it is and the installation was very professional and nicely done; I also appreciated the thorough explanation of how to use it.  

Warmest regards,

Theresa McClenaghan

Plevna, ON

July 2013

BBQing for women by women – ladies night!

Hi Hayley, 

I just wanted to thank you and your awesome sous chefs for a great night.  The food was wonderful and I learned a great deal.  Jim is also thrilled, as it lets him off the hook and I am sure that due to your teaching skills, I will be able to show him up soon.  Probably tonight.

 Thanks again.  It was awesome.

 Talk to you soon.

Nadene Nicholas


BBQ competition – 3rd place success!

Hi Curtis, 

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you again for organizing the BBQ competition; it was really fun, we had a great day and the weather was fantastic.

I already tried that cast iron pot with a beer bread, I am very happy with the results!

Jhon Thula

Gatineau, Quebec

July 2013


Another excellent job!

Birkett photo

Hi Curtis,

Your guy’s did an excellent job with our fireplace. I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that your crew worked very professional with one another during the install. 

I will recommended Friendly Fires to anyone thinking of doing any upgrades in their homes!!

Thanks again,

Gerry & Lee Birkett 

North Augusta, ON

June 2013

Fantastic team!

Dear Alex and Jason,

Your fantastic team -Kyle and Bobby – just left. As always, they arrived on time, they were fast, friendly,  unbelievably knowledgeable about their work.. tidy…and good with my dogs. They answered all of my questions in a way that was easy for me to understand and reassured me that my system is safe and that I am  operating it properly. Trust me, I asked LOTS of questions.

Year after year I always appreciate the consistently awesome customer service of your chimney guys.  I am so thankful you were able to make things right with the scheduling and get back on track  this year.

Thanks again,

Joan Higgins

“We put our Saffire grill to good use this weekend. Ribs on Saturday and roast chicken today. Both turned out perfectly — and we are newbies!  Love our Saffire grill!”

Joan Higgins

Havelock, ON

saffire jasper red

We couldn’t be happier!

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me choose the Valor insert and fireplace for our house.  As you know, we needed the heat but I was uncertain of how they would look here.  Now that they are here – we couldn’t be happier with them!  The only regret I have is that we didn’t put them in 2 years ago.  Thanks to you and your courteous staff for you patience,  excellent work and great advice.

Talk with you soon,

PJ Lennon

Cobourg, ON

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

I love my new Weber!  It’s been super easy to work with and was definitely the right choice for us at this time.  I am sure that there will be many more great experiences to come as my results with my ribs have been terrific so far!


Murray Macfarlane

Brooklin, ON



I was up at our cottage last weekend on Big Rideau Lake, and at the end of the day I engaged in a brief discussion with one of your service/installation/maintenance crew who was working on the solar installation at my next door neighbour. 

His name is Chris Gadbois. This fellow is a credit to your organization. He is personable, knowledgeable, passionate about his work/career path, and an ambassador for your company. In the course of our discussion, not only did he outline all of the products and services offered by your company, but took a quick look at my wood fireplace, since he was familiar with this model, as I had casually mentioned that mine smoked a little more than I would have hoped. In a couple of minutes, he explained how the system worked, and diagnosed and fixed a possible issue. In addition, he sent my wife and I a detailed email, suggesting other possible solutions and steps I could consider should the problem persist. 

Believe me, if I had known that that your company carried Regency products, I would have considered an installation by your company based on these discussions with Mr. Gadbois. Not that we are unhappy with the installation as such, but the extra measure of service, which was completely voluntary on his behalf, certainly impressed the heck out of us. 

If this is indicative of your training or recruitment program, keep up the good work. Please pass along these comment to the owners. 


Dave Bougie

Big Rideau, Perth

(May 2. 2013)

Surround Perfection!

wilkin pix

Hi Lorraine,

The guys were here and resolved all our issues yesterday.  The surround they built is perfect!

Rob Wilkin

(April 11, 2013)

Fantastic Installers!

Hi Lorraine!

This is great!  The stove is working perfectly and the installers did a fantastic job!

Thanks again,

Ian Lewis

April 18, 2013

Sharon Egan

Hi Curtis-
Just wanted to say I love the fireplace.

Your installers are great guys–they worked hard, did a super job  and were so accommodating and helpful explaining everything to me.

Thanks for all your help and support. It was great getting reacquainted with you and updates on your family.

George Matheson

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Hi Jason,
Thanks again for your good work.

Our Solar PV system has been running for a year now, and all is good.   I thought you might be interested to know that your revenue projections were almost exactly correct. The difference between actual and projected was only about $160 over the year.   And the actual was the higher number, which is of course appreciated.


George Matheson

April 2013

Elly McCullough

Dear Friendly Fires,

A HUGE thank you to Pat and team for the installation of my very first pellet stove;   ‘The Podmobile’

Pellet Piazzetta Monia Red

The Podmobile has earned it’s name from the Spaceship features that it adds to my very rustic home.  While it is a modern, sleek appliance, the Piazzetta Monia Pellet Stove a.k.a.’ Podmobile’,  has touched down and landed in my home.  The Podmobile comes to our planet in peace and the heat that it emits is fantastic!!  Sent by the Italian’s within our galaxy, it is a true star ship gem and I am very pleased with it’s overall capsule capabilities.

It’s cloaking devices have demonstrated it to be a stealth, almost silent appliance.

Here on Earth, the service I have received from Friendly Fires and Pat have been exemplary. Pat has been very patient  while teaching me the Podmobile lingo, cleaning techniques and pellet stove education.  He has answered all of my questions promptly and respectfully while I transition from oil to this strange but wonderful wood pellet galaxy – thank you!

Oh, and the reduction in oil heating costs is huge!!

I would highly recommend Friendly Fires when you are ready to have your own Podmobile docked at your house 🙂

Thanks so much,

Elly McCullough

March 2013

Gary Turner

I wanted to mention how happy we were with your technician.  He was pleasant, accommodating, and did an excellent job.  Although receiving a big bill is never fun, it was due.  Our pellet stove has run continuously during the winters for 16 years now.  Please say thank you to Curtis for us.

Gary Turner

March 5th, 2013

Julia Merry

Hi Curtis,
I LOVE MY PELLET STOVE, love love love……..
I am interested in putting a used one in the basement?????? Do you ever get those?
I love the heat, the simplicity of it, the energy effiency……I have cut my heating cots by 40%
I could cut them even more if I had one in the basement………
Thank you for contacting me.

I wanted to mention that I did have a repair guy here in my house as there were some things that were just not right, he was very professional, very informative and helpful. A very nice employee to represent your company.

Julie Merry
February 2013

Brian and Judy Nesbitt

Dear Dan and Rodney:

Just a quick note to let you both know how delighted we are with our new gas fireplace insert. Your professionalism and patience during the selection and planning process were much appreciated. As well, the installers, Chris, Gilles and Jan, were extremely polite, informed, helpful and efficient. It all came together seamlessly. Thank you to all!

Judy and Brian Nesbitt