Heartland Elmira Wood Replacement Parts

Important Finlay / Elmira / Heartland / Aga Heartland Information:

Cookstoves in Eastern Ontario have a long and rich history.  Findlay began to manufacture their Findlay Oval Wood Cook Stove around the 1920’s in Carleton Place Ontario.  In the early 1960’s they closed down and production stopped for about 10 years, until Elmira dusted off the moulds and began making the Elmira Oval and a few years later the Elmira Sweetheart.

In 1989, Elmira was then purchased by a company called Heartland.   Heartland kept making the wood cookstoves with few modifications.   Heartland was then purchased by a company called Aga Marvel (~2008).  Aga Marvel proceeded to move production of the Heartland Wood Cookstoves from Ontario to the United States.  In 2017, Aga discontinued the Heartland brand and manufacturing altogether for the wood cook stove line.

Friendly Fires has access to many Heartland (Elmira) replacement parts.  Please contact us if your part is not listed.

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