6″ ID Simpson Duratech Square Insulated Reduced Clearance Support (6DTC-RCS)

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Product Description

Part Description: 6″ Insulated Reduced Clearance Support

Part Number: 6DTC-RCS

Why we like this product: Insulated Reduced Clearance Support Use with flat, vaulted or cathedral ceilings. Certified to reduce clearance to combustibles from the usual 2″ (per side) down to a 1″ (per side) for all diameters. This allows for a smaller hole to be cut in the ceiling. Can connect to both double-wall stove pipe or single-wall stove pipe with included adapter. Functions as both an Attic Insulation Shield and Finishing Support.An adjustable black finish trim insulation pad and collar are included.

Simpson Duratech Chimney has some unique features

  • Twist-Lock stainless steel coupler system with 1-inch overlap
  • No screws or other attachments required
  • Fast and easy installation with one-eighth of a turn Stainless steel inner lining
  • Provides smoother surface ? Little restriction of flue gases even with an elbow
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance One inch of exclusive Secura Plus insulation
  • No shifting of the insulation
  • Keeps cooling of gas temperature minimal, which stabilizes at high temperatures
  • Reduces condensation and creosote buildup
  • Low surface temperature
  • Minimum 2-inch safety clearance to combustible materials in all diameters Fast venting of combustion products
  • Delivers a stable and powerful draft Stainless steel outer casing
  • Supports the structural load
  • Corrosion resistance Inner liner attached only to the male coupler
  • Free-floating inner wall means no need for expansion joints
  • Unhindered expansion with rising temperatures Lightweight ? 6-inch diameter, 5.2 lb. per linear foot
  • Delivers a more user-friendly design

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 12 in
Chimney diameter size plus round/square support

6" Square Support, 6" Square Support Extension, 7" Square Support, 8" Square Support, 6" Round Support, 7" Round Support, 8" Round Support


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