Ambiance Elegance Series- Replacement Blower Motor (165CFM_TAN_BLW_BRK) (130CFM_TAN_BLW_BRK)

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Product Description

This is a genuine blower motor replacement for the Ambiance Elegance Series of Wood Fireplaces  This blower will ship in original packaging (these are not after-market copies).  These are genuine replacement OEM blowers that come with full factory warranty. This is just the blower motor, if you require the entire kit, please visit this page.

Part Description 

  • This is the OEM replacement blower that comes with the bracket for installation, as well as a integrated thermal switch that will automatically shut off the blower when the temperature exceeds 135 degrees C (275 degrees F).

Applicable Fireplace Models

Supreme Part Number: 165CFM_TAN_BLW_BRK (Replaces 130CFM_BLW_BRK and 130CFM_TAN_BLW_BRK in 2021)

Why we like these products: These are the genuine replacement factory blowers that last longer than after-market copies.

Tips for Prolonging the Blower: 

  • Turn off blower when cleaning out ashes/opening the door
  • Use ash lip when cleaning out ashes
  • For traditional configuration, avoid having ashes in front of the bottom opening
  • Periodically clean the area around the blower, access through the firebox bottom trap or by removing the surround
  • Do not operate the fan when using the spark screen option

Note that contamination of ashes and construction dust (gypsum, sat dust…) within the blower will void the warranty. 

Other Notes: Ambiance and Supreme are part of the same manufacturing group.


 These genuine blowers are typically in stock ready to ship.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in

Davy Crocket Cover, Daniel Boone Cover, Jim Bowie Cover


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