Ambiance Intrigue 42

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Product Description

Striving to create the ultimate fireplace, Ambiance Fireplaces was created by consulting with over one hundred veteran fireplace shop owners. Asked what refinements they would incorporate if they were designing it for their own homes, these experts contributed their best ideas. After extensive research, design, and engineering, the Ambiance Intrigue was born.


Features & Specifications

  • One of the most impressive fires in the industry!
  • A 12-piece, hand-painted log set that fills the firebox
  • A StepFyre burner that puts glowing embers below the fire, where embers actually belong
  • 910 square inches of glass viewing area – one of the largest in its class
  • Pleasing angles of the firebox create a more refined “natural” feel of depth and height to the burn chamber
  • Easy to understand IPI remote control with 6 flame and heat settings
  • A stand-by battery back-up allows emergency operation during power outages
  • 50% turn-down ratio provides maximum fuel savings and comfort control
  • AFUE and Canadian P-4 EnerGuide Rated
  • Intrigue 18,500 – 39,500 BTU’s
  • Low reflection lifetime warranty ceramic glass (26” x 35”)


Another unique feature of the Intrigue, is the impressive list of high quality doors available.  These doors are as functional as they are beautiful.


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