Ambiance Luxus See Through Double Sided

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Product Description

Worlds Nicest Linear See Through Wood Burning Fireplace!

Ambiance Fireplaces offers on one hand an elegant wide format and on the other hand presents fire as a connecting element between two rooms.  One door is a lifting door for reloading the combustion chamber and the other is a hinged door for cleaning the glass only.   Install in between two rooms (bedroom, washroom, great room…) and Ambiance Luxus will certainly become a focal point of your home.  Whatever or wherever you desire a see-through fireplace, the Ambiance Luxus is there for you. Enjoy the fire wherever you may happen to be.

Ambiance Luxus See Through Features

  • See-through wood fireplace
  • Large glass viewing area: 19.5″ high x 38.5″ wide
  • Large efficient wood firebox
  • One door is guillotine style (easy wood loading), one door is hinged (to clean glass)

Ambiance Luxus Double Sided Technical Specifications

  • Chimney: 10″ inside diameter (12″ outside diameter) wood chimney
  • Gravity Vent Heating: 4 gravity vent outlets & one air intake in chase cavity
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