Astria ‘No Glass’

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The FMI masonry wood fireplaces from FMI offer huge openings with realistic looks and no glass.

Product Description

Not all wood fireplaces need to have glass.  Astria makes a series of wood fireplaces that have large realistic openings with REAL masonry firebrick that can be installed in any home or cottage without the need for special footings.  These fireplaces come in a variety of sizes, and as can be seen by the pictures, offer nice clean openings with very large viewing areas. Visit Friendly Fires today to see if a wood fireplace without a glass door is an appropriate solution for your home or cottage.

Large Wood Fireplace Details

  • Mosaic Masonry real firebrick lining system for a more realistic masonry look
  • Wide range of models including 36”, 42”, 50” and taller openings
  • Widths with 30” + clear openings
  • Choice of traditional stacked or herringbone brick pattern
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