Beer Can Chicken & Wok Roaster

Napoleon Beer Can Chicken
Napoleon 56020 Wok Chicken Roaster BBQNapoleon 56020 Wok Chicken RoasterNapoleon BBQ Wok Chicken Roaster

Product Description

Napoleon’s Wok & Beer Can Chicken Roaster is your secret to perfectly roasted chicken right off your grill, every time. Assembles in seconds, this grill topper has a non-stick finish that makes cleanup a breeze. The cup slides and locks to the base and can be filled with beer, water and herbs, juice, coke, wine or anything else you can imagine. The cone shaped stand fits easily inside the chicken with steam vents to make sure that you get the moistest chicken ever. The shape also ensures that there is no troublesome suction issues when removing the chicken for serving. While roasting the wok can cook your veggies at the same time, it also catches the juices from the chicken to make the most amazing gravy. The wok section is nice and deep and can double as a grill wok for veggies and stir-frys as well. When you’re done the Wok & Beer Can Chicken Roaster disassembles in a snap and wipes clean quickly with hot soapy water.



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