Black Olive Pellet Kamado

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Product Description

The Black Olive grill is the only product that allows BBQers the benefits of kamado cooking (great tasting food) with the convenience of a push button.

Some people want a charcoal kamado for great tasting food – but do not want some of the characteristics of charcoal – this is where the Black Olive fits.

Durable, tough, built to withstand even the most extreme climates and retain its good looks. Intense heat, high humidity, or below zero temperatures, it does not matter! No need to replace rusted out burners, the Black Olive BBQ will endure the harshest of cooking environments. The Black Olive’s patented design and shape gives it the ability to quickly achieve temperatures in excess of 650F or as low as 150F making it perfect for roasting, smoking, grilling, and even searing. Never need to worry about over cooking or scorching your food again. The expandable 19” cooking surface offers plenty of room to cook all of your favorite foods and explore new ones with your family & friends. Beautifully designed, easy to control, delicious results, and built to last; get ready for the last BBQ you will ever own.


  • Ignition time: 2 minutes (500° in 5 min.)
  • Grilling area: 19 3/8″ (290 sq. in.)
  • Heat Range: 2,000 – 50,000 BTU’s
  • Max burn time: 2 hours (high) or 40 hours (low)
  • Hopper size: 11 lbs.
  • Maximum heat: 650 degrees F

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