Hearth Pad Tile Protection (Wood Stove Pads)

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Product Description

Many wood (and gas / propane) stoves have requirements to have something non-combustible beneath them.  Instead of fabricating a custom base, a pre-made hearth pad is a convenient option.  These hearth pads are often used for code compliance (wood stoves and gas stoves on legs) and sometimes simply for aesthetic reasons.

Friendly Fires Stove Hearth Pads:

  • Angle Iron Frame: Nothing to crack, splinter or warp
  • Instant Installation: Simply lay over existing flooring
  • Safe floor protection: ULC listed ember protector
  • Flat wall or corner pads design
  • Hearth Extensions
  • A variety of shapes and sizes
  • 1.25″ Thick
  • Profile series 1/2″ thick

Hearth Pad Colour, Size and Brochure Downloads:

  • Value Hearth Pads
  • Stone and Estate Series
  • Profile Series  –  The Profile series is a Type 1 Ember Protection it is used for wood stoves that are rated without thermal protection. This means the stove manufacturer has tested the stove to be placed directly on a combustible floor. However, all stoves do require front floor protection to protect the floor from rolling logs and embers

Stove Board Prices

Friendly Fires Hearth Pads range from $455 to $1400.  Unfortunately, due to their size, these can not be shipped. But they can be picked up in one of our five stores.



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