Clearance: Enerzone Destination 1.5

$4,283.00 CAD $1,799.00 CAD

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Product Description

The EnerZone Destination 1.5 incorporates a modern look with a versatile firebox size that will fit most masonry fireplace openings.

  • High-efficiency EPA certified
  • Will heat up to 1,700 sq.ft. (warmer climate)
  • Glass air-wash system
  • Steel thickness – top : 5/16”
  • Up to 5 hour burn time
  • Up to 19″ log (18″ recommended)

Condition: Showroom display model.

Unit somes with:
Wood insert stainless steel liner kit: $616
Certified Friendly Fires installation : $988.98

Showroom: Peterborough


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