Direct Vent Liner System for Gas Inserts (46DVA-CL33)

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Product Description

This Duravent aluminum liner kit is used for most natural gas and propane fireplace inserts.  This is a genuine UL/ULC/CSA certified direct vent system.  This is the most common gas and propane gas insert vent kit.  This is not an after-market copy.  This Duravent Gas Insert Vent Kit is certified with most fireplace manufacturers.

Manufacturer Part Number: 46DVA-CL33

Gas Insert Vent Kit Includes:

  • Two 35 foot aluminum liners. These liners are cut to size to match your chimney.
  • 3″ inside diameter (fits 99% of current gas and propane fireplace inserts)
  • Includes top chimney flashing support
  • Includes high wind top rain cap (perfect for all weather conditions)

These are all the components you will require to vent a natural gas or propane gas direct vent insert.

Why We Like This Product

  • This vent kit includes all components you will need to vent a current day gas or propane fireplace insert
  • INCLUDES high quality aluminum liners.  Other vent systems may use a cheaper grade liner that tear during installation.
  • 35′ liners are designed to be cut down to size to fit your chimney
  • INCLUDES HIGH WIND rain cap.  Other vent kits have standard raid caps don’t protect the fireplace in case of a high wind.

Purpose: The dual liner system is connected to both the intake and exhaust of the natural gas or propane fireplace insert.

Installation Tips: The liners come compressed and they need to be stretched out.  It is important that you start in the middle of the liner and work your way to the end, pulling them out gradually.  If you do it too quickly, the liner will not expand properly and you will be short.  The liners will be too long – simply cut off the excess.


These gas insert vent kits are in stock and ready to ship.



Shipping Dimensions

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in

1 x 46DVA-CL33 Vent Kit, 2 x 46DVA-CL33 Vent Kits, 5 x 46DVA-CL33 Vent Kits


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