Empire Gas Valve – Natural Gas (R11125)

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Product Description

This is a natural gas (NG) gas valve that is compatible with select Empire fireplaces and furnaces (see applicable models below). This gas valve will ship new in its original packaging, it is not an aftermarket copy.

Empire Part Number: R11125

Part Description: This is a replacement natural gas SIT 886, electronic ignition (IPI) valve for select Empire gas fireplaces and furnaces. The gas valve regulates the burner’s natural gas or propane flow to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • SIT 886 Proflame IPI gas valve (NATURAL GAS)
  • 3.5″ – 1.6″ w.c. 30% turndown
  • 3/8 inlet 3/8 outlet
  • For use on Sit electronic ignition systems

Applicable Empire Models:

  • VFLC10IN32(N,P)-1, VFLC28IN32(N,P)-1, VFLC20IN32(N,P)-1, VFLC28IN72(N,P)-2, VFLC20IN72(N,P)-2
  • VFPC20IN33N-1, VFPC28IN33N-1, VFPC20IN33P-1, VFPC28IN33P-1, VFPC20IN73N-2, VFPC28IN73N-2, VFPC20IN73P-2, VFPC28IN73P-2
  • VFPA(32,36)BP3(0,1)L(N,P)-1, VFPA(32,36)BP7(0,1)L(N,P)-1
  • VFP(32,36)BP2(0,1)L(N,P)-1, VFP(32,36)BP3(0,1)L(N,P)-1, VFP(32,36)BP7(0,1)L(N,P)-1
  • VFD26FM(2,3)0(W,C)(N,P)-2, VFD26FP30L10(N,P)-3, VFD26FP(2,3)0L(N,P)-2, VFD26FP70L10(N,P)-2, VFD26FP70L(N,P)-2
  • VF Fireplace AH (AVFP24FP(2,3,7))
  • Premium VF Fireplace AH (VFP(32,36)BP)
  • Premium Traditional Clean Face AH (DVCP 32,36,42)BP
  • Premium DV 42/48 AH DVP(42,48)FP(3,5,7,9)
  • Premium DV 36 AH DVP36FP(3,5,7,9)
  • Premium Contemporary Clean Face AH (DVCC 32,36, 42)BP
  • Madison Premium Fireplace (DVP42FP & DVP48FP)
  • Madison Premium Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace (DVCP_BP) Installation Manual
  • Madison Premium Clean-Face Contemporary Fireplace (DVCC_BP) Installation Manual
  • Madison Clean Face Premium See-Through (DVCP36SP)
  • Luxury DV Gallery DVX(36,42)DP(51N, 91)
  • Luxury DV AH (DVX(36,42)FP(3,5,7,9)
  • Luxury Clean Face AH ADVCX (36,42)FP
  • Loft Series Vent-Free Insert (VFLC10,20,28IN)
  • Loft DV Inserts AH DVL(25,33)IN
  • Loft DV Fireplace AH (DVL25FP, DVL33FP)
  • Loft Direct-Vent Insert (DVL_FP)
  • Loft Direct-Vent Fireplace (DVL_FP)
  • Lincoln Premium (VFP_BP)
  • Lincoln 26 VFD26F
  • Lincoln 24 Fireplace (AVFP24FP)
  • Lincoln 26 Fireplace (VFD26FP)
  • Franklin Vent-Free Fireplace Insert (VFPC20,28)
  • Franklin Vent-Free Fireplace Insert (VFP20,28IN)
  • Fireplace DV Insert AH DV(25,33,35)IN
  • Empire Cast Iron Stove Direct-Vent
  • Empire Cast Iron Stove Vent-Free (VFD_CC)
  • Deluxe DV Clean Face AH DVCD(32,36,42)FP(30,50N)
  • Deluxe DV AH DVD(32,36,42,48)
  • Cast Iron VF AH VFD(10,20,30)CC
  • Cast Iron Stove DV AH (DVP(20,30)CC(30,70))
  • Madison Clean-Face Premium Peninsula (DVCP36PP)
  • Boulevard 60-inch & 72-inch Vent-Free Linear Contemporary Fireplaces Installation Manual (VFLB60FP, VFLB72FP)
  • DVC(20,26,28)IN31(N,P)-2, DVC(20,26,28)IN71(N,P)-2
  • Madison Premium Fireplace (DVP36FP)
  • Madison Luxury Fireplace (DVX36FP & DVX42FP)
  • Madison Luxury Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace (ADVCX_30 & 70 Series)
  • Madison Deluxe (DVD32FP, DVD36FP, DVD42FP, & DVD48FP)
  • Franklin Direct-Vent Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace Insert (DVC(20,26,28)IN)
  • DVL(36,46)BP30(N,P)-1, DVL(36,46)BP70(N,P)-2
  • DVL(36,46)BP30KN-1, DVL(36,46)BP70KN-1

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This Empire Gas Valve is in stock ready to ship.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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