Enviro Maxx Burn Pot Liner – Maxx Non Multi-Fuel (50-1662)

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Product Description

This is the  OEM  replacement Enviro Maxx Burn Pot Liner .  This is a genuine Enviro replacement part that ships in Enviro packaging (its not an after market copy).

 Enviro factory replacement parts ship new in original factory packaging.

Enviro Part Number: 50-1662

Part Description: Burn pot liners are a perforated basket that the pellets fall into and burn. The perforations are the to allow air to flow around the pellets for clean combustion.

Enviro’s burn pot liners are a regular maintenance part and should be replaced when you notice any thinning of the metal or large holes appear.

Applicable Models: For the Enviro Maxx Burn Pot Liner 

    • VF 170
    • Enviro Maxx

Please check the part number with your manual.

InstallationTips: While this is an easy part to replace It is very important that the stove is unplugged from any power source before you attempt to replace this part or do any maintenance on your stove.  Please take a picture of the old burn pot liner before you remove it- this picture will help guide you when you install the new one.  Often when you replace this part you will need to replace other regular maintenance as well such as the Window gasket,  and Vacuum tube. also carries a full line of Enviro replacement parts like Ignitors, Auger motors, Blowers and Circuit boards


This Enviro Maxx Burn Pot is in stock ready to ship.


Shipping Dimensions

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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