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Product Description

The Q2 is a new fireplace from Enviro.  The Q2 is unique with its large glass / small box and amazing flame.

Why Friendly Fires Loves the Q2

  • Reliable technology (standing pilot)
  • Amazing flame
  • Clean look glass (no louvers) with huge 553 sq.in viewing area
  • Hand welded firebox (very heavy fireplace – 158 lbs.) – not just bent metal like others
  • Optional whisper quiet blower
  • Made in Canada for Canadian winters

Enviro Q2 Fireplace Features

  • High definition logset
  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane
  • Optional surrounds (traditional 28.8″H x 33.2″W or modern 30.5″H x 37″W)
  • Ceramic brick or modern porcelain inner liner
  • 24,000 BTU’s (will heat up to 1,400 sq.ft. in warmer climates)


Enviro Q2 Fireplace FAQs

Q: Can the Enviro Q2 accommodate flex venting?
A: Yes – as long as the flex venting is ULC approved.

Q: Can the Q2 be vented directly off the back?
A: Yes – up to 18″ horizontal without any vertical rise.

Q: How high vertically can the Q2 be vented?
A: 40‘

Q: Is the Q2 certified as a decorative or heater rated appliance?
A: Heater rated.

Q: Does the Enviro Q2 have a safety screen?
A: Yes – every Enviro Q2 ships with a screen that fits flush on the front of the unit that can be removed by the homeowner for cleaning.


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