Ambiance Intrigue 36

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Product Description

The Intrigue® combines radiant and convection heat providing you with one of the most efficient fireplaces on the market. It will warm your heart as well as your home. It comes standard with a matte black interior finish, the Ecotel programmable thermostatic remote, a 150-cfm convection fan, accent lights and glowing embers. You can customize the look of your Intrigue® 36 to fit your home. You have the option to upgrade the exterior look with a decorative front and also upgrade the firebox look using one of the beautiful interior finishes.

Ambiance Intrigue 36 Features

  • Clean look (no louver design)
  • Large 550 square inches of non-reflective ceramic glass
  • Made in Canada by Canadians
  • Clear view safety screen
  • Includes variable speed blower, lights & thermostat remote control
  • Available in natural gas or propane


Ambiance Intrigue 36 Technical Details

  • Ecotel Remote Control: Easy On/off Manual operation Thermostatic Control easy to setup 6-speed operation of the convection fan

  • Accent Lights: Two dimmable light bulbs are found inside the firebox at the top. They provide a better view of the hand crafted logs and enhance the warm ambiance feeling. The option can be used whether the flame is on or off. Lights are operated with the Ecotel Remote Control.

  • Variable Speed Convection Fan: Easy and efficient way to move warm air across the room where the fireplace sits using the remote control.

  • Dimensions: Glass: 28″x x19 5/8″



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