Enviro S40

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Product Description

The Enviro S40 is a large ‘no frills’ gas and propane heater.  Built from high quality steel, cast iron and one of the industry’s best performing heat exchanger, the S40 is the perfect stove for anyone looking for heat.  And just like other fireplaces provided by Friendly Fires, the S40 does not require hydro to heat.

In addition to its efficiency, realistic fire and high heat output, the Enviro S40 freestanding fireplace is also very versatile when it comes to installations.  It can be rear vented (no view of the vent), top vented (up & out or vertical), or even natural vented (can be vented into an existing wood chimney system).

Why Friendly Fires Likes the S40

  • Large 40,000 BTU’s of efficient heat
  • Amazing realistic fire
  • Heavy duty cast iron and steel construction
  • Thermostat and remote control possible
  • Includes natural gas and propane conversion kit
  • Versatile installation: Can be rear vented, top vented, or vented into an existing wood chimney
  • Dimensions: 26” W x 29” H x 23” D

Contact Friendly Fires at any of our locations in Ontario to see if the Enviro S40 fireplace is the perfect stove for your home or cottage.

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