Friendly Fires Wood Stove 6″ Chimney Kit – Up & Out

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Product Description

Friendly Fires offers Basic 6″  Chimney Kits for  Up & Out Installations. These kits include both smoke pipe and chimney pipe.

There are three kits available distinguished by the included amount of chimney (12′  chimney | 16′ chimney | 20′ chimney).  Choose whichever kit is most relevant to your install.


  •  These kits may not cover everything that you need as each install is different, but it will contain the essential components required for an up & out installation.
  • There are (3) kits available from the drop down menu. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE in the kits the total amount of chimney included- 12′ | 16 | 20′.  Generally speaking, those installing on the main floor will likely need 12′ or 16′. Those installing from the basement will likely require 16′ or 20′. 
  • Once an order is placed, a Friendly Fires representative will contact you to ensure you have everything required for your specific installation. Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

**Important Note: Flashings are NOT included any kit. If you require a flashing  please visit this page to order one. **

The Up & Out Kit Includes:

  • 1- Stove Adapter
  • 1 – 40″-68″ Adjustable Length (smoke pipe)
  • 1 – 90 Degree Elbow (smoke pipe)
  • 1- 12″ Length (smoke pipe)
  • 1 – Insulated Wall Thimble
  • 1- Trim Band
  • 1- Insulated Chimney Tee with Cap (chimney)
  • 1 -18″ Chimney Length (for breaching through the wall)
  • 3- 48″ Chimney Lengths | 4 – 48″ Chimney Lengths | 5- 48″ Chimney Lengths (option from the drop down menu) 
  • 2- Wall Supports
  • 1- Set of Pole Braces
  • 1- Deluxe Rain Cap

Further Customization

The kits contain the basic pieces required for a standard install. Please check your stoves manual for proper venting layout and restrictions- because each install is unique, there is the possibility you may require additional offsets or lengths.

Smoke Pipe (Stove Pipe)

  • Smoke pipe runs from the top of the stove until it reaches the chimney that penetrates the wall or ceiling.  You may need additional lengths and/or elbows to suit your specific installation needs.

Chimney Pipe

  • Chimney pipes run through the interior of the house from the room that the stove is in, through the attic then penetrates the roof (vertical); or through the wall and up along the side of the house and up past the roof (up & out). You may require additional lengths and/or elbows to suit your specific installation needs.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in
Chimney Total?

12 ' Chimney, 16' Chimney, 20 ' Chimney


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