Green Mountain Grills Peak Prime + WIFI

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Product Description

The Peak( formerly named the Jim Bowie) Prime + WiFi model improves on the already great Prime series with interior grill light, thicker, stronger grates, collapsible front shelf, and it’s rotisserie enabled.

The features on this grill are almost too numerous to mention!

  • 12V Direct Power
  • Grill View Window
  • 18lb Hopper w/ Pellet Wiew & Control Board w/ Dual Probes & USB Connection
  • Ashvac clean-out
  • External Heat Shield Adjuster
  • Reinforced Chassis w/ Heavy Duty Green & Locking Wheel Casters
  • Box Size: 53″x 22″ x 31″

Better Temp Control

The three principles of great BBQ are temperature, temperature, and temperature. The PRIME+ micro-adjusts the variable-speed fan and auger motors to keep your food at precisely the temperature you set. Get outstanding results every time you grill.

Greater Fuel Economy

GMG’s proprietary algorithms control the fuel and oxygen supply to the firebox. This insures the lowest possible fuel consumption by dispensing only enough pellets to maintain the set temperature and burning all of those thoroughly. Less waste means lower pellet costs! Now, you can get up to 40 hours of cook time from a single hopper.

Faster Startups

GMG increased the motor RPM’s to feed more pellets and more oxygen during startup. This yields significantly quicker times to get to the temperature you want.

Surface Cooking Area: 658 sq in.

Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Prime+ Features Friendly Fires

  1. Here is an article that was written by a customer of ours that we titled: Why our customers choose Green Mountain Grills over Traeger
  2. Available cold weather blanket
  3. WiFi integration to monitor temperature
  4. Local dealer support for parts
  5. Digital Controller controls your grill’s temperature from 65°-260°C [150°-500°F]
  6. Meat Probe measures and displays internal food temperatures on the control panel
  7. Peaked Lid provides extra cooking height
  8. Sense-Mate monitors the ambient temperature of the grill and adjusts the air and pellet flow to maintain a constant temperature
  9. Venturi-Style Firebox has vertical groves that make air “whirlwind” around the fire, creating a “cyclone” style combustion.
  10. Positive Pressure Hopper fan prevents back burn from the firebox to the hopper
  11. Fan-Only Mode blows ash out of the firebox after grilling
  12. Low Pellet Alarm sounds when pellets need replenishing

Check out this video section from GMG for lots of recipes, support, and ‘how to’ references!

Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Prime WIFI | Friendly Fires

Green Mountain Grill Options

Green Mountain Pellet Grills is the premiere choice for any Backyard Hero.  Contact Friendly Fires to learn how you could be BBQing this weekend on your own Green Mountain Pellet BBQ.


Note: This product does not qualify for free shipping, but it can be picked up in store for free.
Or flat rate shipping charges will apply - $199 in Ontario, $249 outside of Ontario.

WIFI Firmware & Software need to be updated regularly. Green Mountain Grills has an excellent support line. Please give them a call for help with any WIFI issues – tel: 1-800-603-3398

Shipping Dimensions


Peak Black Lid, Peak Stainless Steel Lid


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