Harman ESP Probe Kit w/ Large Red Wire (3-20-00844)

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Product Description

This is the official OEM Harman Pellet Stove ESP Probe Kit (also known as the exhaust thermistor probe).   There are 2 different thermistor ESP probes for the Harman line; one has a black wire, one has a red wire. You must order the same color thermistor probe as the one that came with your stove.  This is the genuine replacement probe from Harman – this is not an after-market copy.

Harman Part Number:  3-20-00844

Applicable Harman Models: Most Harman Models (except P38) – including:

  • Absolute 43 & 63
  • Allure 50
  • Accentra Cast FS (Serial # 00840167 and higher)
  • Accentra Insert (Serial # 008241201 and higher)
  • Accentra 52i (All Models)
  • Accentra 52i-TC
  • Advance (Serial # 008360001 and higher)
  • P35I (All Models)
  • P43 (All Models)
  • P61 (Serial # 008085055 and higher)
  • P61A (Serial # 008085803 and higher)
  • P68 (Serial # 008280309 and higher)
  • PC45 (Serial # 008055031 and higher)
  • PF100 (Red Wires)
  • PB105 (All Models)
  • HydroFlex 60 (All Models)
  • XXV (Serial # 008206292 and higher)
  • XXV-TC
  • Harman Coal Stoves: ~ DVC 500 (Serial # 008065076 and higher)
  • Heatilator Eco-Choice Pellet Stoves: ~ BH60 (All Models) ~ BA100 (Red Wires) ~ BH105 (All Models)

Part Description: Harman ESP Probe Kit – Large (Red Wire).

How Do I Know This Part Needs Replacing?

If your stove has a three (3) blink error code – this often means that the control board has not detected the ESP (Exhaust Sensing Probe) upon startup or that it lost communication with it while the unit was running.

  • Verify that the ESP probe is clean by removing it and looking at it, clean if necessary. It should be a silver colored metal.
  • If the probe itself looks “bent” it’s probably not working (broken).
  • Before replacing the probe verify that the probe itself is actually plugged into the controller and the contacts on the controller are “clean”
  • On the front side of each controller, there is a red rectangle box with a series of 8 micro-switches called DIP switches. The controller must be removed from the unit to access them. DIP switches allow multiple stoves to use the same controller but run different programs according to the stove’s required functions. The #5 DIP switch must be set to “OFF’ or down for ESP probes with black wires and set to “ON” for DIP switches with red wires. 3 blink error codes can be caused by installing the improper colored wired ESP with the wrong DIP selection.

About Harman:  HHT is the manufacturer for a number of brands of fireplaces including Harman, Quadrafire, Heat n Glo & Heatilator.


This genuine Harman ESP Probe is in stock and ready to ship.


Shipping Dimensions

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in
Harman Flame Guide

Flame Guide # 3-00-08534, Flame Guide 3-00-03000, Flame Guide # 3-00-06644

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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